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Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2


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This Teaching Assistant Certificate Level 2 course will develop your skills and improve career prospects.

As a teaching assistant your duties would be to support teachers with their everyday work in the classroom, so that they can concentrate on teaching. You could possibly have other job titles such as classroom assistant or learning support assistant too. As a teaching assistant you would also support any children that may have individual needs, working one-to-one or in smaller groups. With experience, you may also supervise the class if the teacher is absent for a short period.

Mandatory Units

Module 1: Supporting the Teacher

  • Element 1. The learning environment
  • Element 2. Pupil behaviour
  • Element 3. Observing and recording

Module 2: Supporting the Pupil

  • Element 1. Care and support
  • Element 2. Health and hygiene
  • Element 3. Child protection

Module 3: Supporting the Curriculum

  • Element 1. The National Curriculum
  • Element 2. Planning, evaluating and assisting
  • Element 3. Assisting pupils during all learning activities

Module 4: Supporting the School

  • Element 1. Legal requirements
  • Element 2. School organisation
  • Element 3. Policies and procedures

Optional Units (Choose three)

Module 5: Supporting ICT in the Classroom

  • Element 1. Preparation and Maintenance of ICT Equipment
  • Element 2. Supporting the Use of ICT Equipment
  • Element 3. Keeping Pupil Records

Module 6: Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs

  • Element 1. Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
  • Element 2. Support for Learners

Module 7: Supporting Literacy Development

  • Element 1. Supporting the Development of Reading Skills
  • Element 2. Supporting the Development of Writing Skills
  • Element 3. Supporting the Development of Speaking and Listening Skills

Module 8: Supporting Numeracy Development

  • Element 1. Supporting the Development of Number Skills
  • Element 2. Supporting the Development of Problem Solving and Data Handling Skills
  • Element 3. Supporting the Understanding of Measures, Shape and Space

Module 9: Working with Others

  • Element 1. Working in Teams
  • Element 2. Working with Colleagues
  • Element 3. Working with other Professionals and Parents


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