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Working in Teams Online Certificate

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Working in Teams Certificate - Best Seller

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Enhancing collaboration and developing high performance teams is the single most effective way of increasing organisational productivity and efficiency. For forward thinking organisations, there exists an immense opportunity to improve quality, increase customer satisfaction and enhance profits, by simply maximising the collaboration between existing resources.

This course is for managers, leaders and facilitators, who wish to develop the skills and knowledge to support collaborative working and enhanced communication. The content is designed to aid both organisations and individuals in understanding and advancing the leadership skills and awareness needed to maximise the potential for teamwork and the huge benefits it affords.

You will discover simple yet effective strategies, which can be immediately implemented to transform the efforts of individuals into high performing and strategically aligned teams. You will learn how to empower and inspire individuals to follow your leadership and grow together, creating a supportive environment in which to thrive.

This course covers in-depth, the practical tools, background information and strategies needed to radically transform individual performance and harness the power of collaborative working. You will be taken on a journey through the key knowledge needed to optimise your skills, using scientifically proven leadership styles and methods which maximise potential.

What you will learn

You will learn how to:-

Create an environment that nurtures growth and personal transformation
Enhance team morale, motivation, enthusiasm and cohesion
Improve personal job satisfaction and that of your team
Communicate in ways which are the most effective and inspiring
Develop your own style of authentic and empowering leadership
Evaluate and enhance your own performance and development
Adjust and adapt your leadership style to suit the situation and resources
Support deeper connections and richer interpersonal interactions
Design and develop high performing teams that deliver exceptional results
Bring out the best in yourself and those you lead
After taking this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and desire to be an outstanding leader, who inspires action and enthusiasm, whilst delivering exceptional results. The principles and practices covered in this course can be applied to any aspect of leadership and collaboration.

Great leaders are not born, contrary to popular myth - they are crafted. This course provides you with the foundations upon which leadership is built and will help you to identify and enhance the skills, qualities and strengths of you and your team.

Whilst many organisations see the value in quality leadership, most do not apply the latest models and techniques that could give them the much needed competitor edge. Take your skills and confidence to the next level and learn how to get the best from your team, whilst championing your own personal development and growth.

With the help of this course, you have the potential to become a leader of the future and help to ensure the long term success of your organisation, whilst driving your career forward into new and exciting challenges and opportunities.

Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: High Performance Teams

To understand what a High Performance Team is and learn the crucial elements that are needed to create one.
To learn how leaders build High Performance Teams with their practical, strategic and interpersonal skills.
To identify the individual strengths and qualities needed for a High Performance Team to function optimally.
To grasp the different behavioural roles necessary to create diversity and balance in a High Performance Team.
Module 2 : Team Development

Learn how to motivate and engage teams, harnessing the power of relationships.
Understand the importance and methods for developing trust within teams.
Develop the tools and mindset for encouraging innovation and problem solving.
Discover how to build a positive working environment that enhances team effectiveness.
Module 3 : Team Communication

Learn how to use a communication process to support planning and prevent costly communication mistakes.
Discover the elements of non-verbal communication that are required for successful message delivery.
Realise the importance of open and honest communication and learn how to foster a conductive environment.
Determine how to make communications more effective by varying communication style to suit the receiver.
Module 4 : Team Leadership

Understand the role of leaders and how they achieve their strategic organisational and societal influence
Recognise the distinction between management and leadership and the continuum between the approaches
Learn the principles of leadership and how their application impacts individual and team effectiveness
Study the concept of a leadership framework and how this is applied to leadership theories
Module 5 : Personal Development

Understand the leadership needs of businesses and the importance of self-directed learning
Assess and develop a personal leadership style and authentic approach to leadership
Learn how to write achievable objectives, which empower and motivate your team
Comprehend the qualities, traits and skills that make a successful leader


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