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Writing successful drama and comedy for tv

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Dear Fellow Writer,You’d have to agree that television is one of the miracles of our modern technological age.TV units and comforts us all. The small screen inspires, informs and entertains, transforming our lives since its invention last century in a myriad of incalculable ways.Let’s face it – you love it!But have you ever asked yourself:Could I Write For TV?The fact is, someone has to – because the TV networks need a constant and never-ending supply of new shows…Okay, so your next question will most likely be:Can I Get In On Writing For TV?And the answer is: of course you can, if you sign up NOW for my latest Academy writing course:Writing Successful Drama and Comedy for TV Networks!First off, let’s see if you have what’s needed to write for TV:Do you have…A fertile imagination
A need to communicate in writing to the masses
The ability to tell a compelling story (I can teach you that!)
Information on how to pitch to Networks & TV Producers (I got that covered for you too!).
Expert knowledge about the ‘rules’ of TV writing…Now, this is where I come into my own.In case you don’t know me, I’m Rob Parnell, considered by many online sources (including Google and Wikipedia) and various personalities to be the first and last authority on writing, self-motivation and personal creativity.I have created over 110 published books, courses, books and information resources, many of which have been translated into foreign languages. I am often described by friends, family and students as an ‘over-achiever’!For the last decade, I have been increasingly drawn to the visual media. As a writer, I’ve worked with Hollywood producers, been intimately involved with some very exciting film and TV projects and, best of all, been paid a small fortune by production companies and media funding bodies to learn and hone my screenwriting abilities nce.Yes, even something as seemingly innocuous as the way a script and a TV program proposal looks is enormously...

Course Curriculum

The Writing for TV Course

Welcome to the Writer’s Greatest Untapped Income Source


Introduction to Writing for TV, Cable and Satellite Networks


Your Ideas and How to Present Them


What’s Different About TV Writing?


Scripting, Editing and the Story Bible


A Special Masterclass On Comedy Writing


The Money and How You Get Paid



Thanks to this offer, valid exclusively for one person, you will obtain a Writing successful Drama and Comedy for tv Online Course.

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