Fashion Design- Three Year Course

In Milano (Italy)

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Important information

Typology Bachelor's degree
Location Milano (Italy)
Duration 3 Years
Start November 2019
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Milano (Italy)
  • Duration:
    3 Years
  • Start:
    November 2019

Would you like to develop skills and tools that will enable you to start a career in the fashion field? If the answer is yes, this course is right for you.

The fashion system is a huge, articulated and sometimes unpredictable territory, where a sense for the classics manages to find common ground with the extremes of experimentation. There is no fool-proof recipe for success: it takes a readiness to work hard, together with the curiosity to learn and to measure up to the outside world and its thousands of cultures: haute couture, pop, ethno… It takes a really sharp eye – that has to be trained – capable of noticing the tiniest detail. An eye that is familiar with traditional methods of tailoring, but is not too sconed to suggest an impudent elegance.

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Where and when
Starts Location
via Felice Casati, 16, Milano, Italy
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Starts Nov-2019
via Felice Casati, 16, Milano, Italy
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Frequent Asked Questions

· What are the objectives of this course?

The style scene and the professions involved in it are evolving radically, as traditional categories become porous. In addition to careers with fashion brands, alongside the great fashion designers (as assistant designer, pattern maker, production assistant, fashion stylist or fashion illustrator) or as a freelance, a series of crossover functions and opportunities are opening up at international level, linked to creativity, production, distribution and promotions. Knowing that you can count on a high-profile training is nearly always a trump card in these contexts.

· Who is it intended for?

This course is designed for candidates with a high school diploma and for students from Italian or foreign universities. Ideally, candidates are driven by a sincere passion for design, style and clothing and an urge to employ their own potential for designing, interpreting and communicating, as well as their innate abilities and talents, to build a career on the fashion scene. During the three years, students learn to interpret the world around them in ways that are not immediately self-evident, a skill they will be able to apply to great effect in future professional and creative contexts.

· Requirements

The Three-Year Courses calls for a maximum participation of 20 students. The candidates go through a selection process by means of an individual interview with the Course leader.

· What marks this course apart?

An outstanding teaching staff: Course leader: Cristina Ortiz, Fashion designer Born in Aragon, Spain, Cristina Ortiz spent the first sixteen years of her life in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, on a set made up of sun, sea and volcanoes: a perfect place for cultivating her creativity. After taking her diploma at the prestigious École de la chambre syndicale de la couture in Paris in 1986, she launched into a career that brought her to the top of the great international fashion houses. She served as creative director of Prada Woman until 1997, when she became the creative director for women’s ready-to-wear and accessories at Lanvin. She then followed up this experience by moving to Brioni as creative director of the women’s wear line, a position she held until 2008, when she moved to Ferragamo. Here she succeeded in the far from easy task of reviving the glamour and allure of Salvatore Ferragamo, restoring the brand’s long-established splendor while transforming it into a contemporary brand with a strong identity. Spontaneous, energetic and multicultural, she provides a voice for fashion that is elegant yet wearable, with no excess. She now continues to work with several brands, while at the same time conducting personal research focusing on launching her own line of jewellery.


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5.0 15/03/2017
What I would highlight: Excellent course.
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What you'll learn on the course

Fashion design
Production processes
Costume history
Fashion Drawing
Collage collection

Course programme


  • First year: elements that introduce students to the study of fashion design, general preparation.
  • Second year: intermediate development of the topics and specific focuses.
  • Third year: completion of the topics, final project and compilation of a portfolio. In particular, students analyse forms, silhouettes, materials, production processes, social factors and customs that underlie a conscious, articulated, original design process.

The atmosphere in the classroom encourages students to express their individuality and explore new territories and contexts, including venturing beyond the pale.


  • Trend anticipating.
  • The fashion system.
  • Art and costume history.
  • Pattern making.
  • Fabrics and raw materials.
  • Clothing design.
  • Product development.
  • Fashion drawing.
  • Collage collection.
  • Marketing and research.

Design lecturers

They are well-founded professionals, authors of projects that have made their mark, and with many years of teaching experience. They have a wide and truly international vision.

They are part of a cohesive and productive group, and they love discussing the progress of courses, the opportunities that present themselves on the run and the performance of individual students.

Additional information


European Union and EFTA students:

7.000 euro I Income bracket9.000 euro II Income bracket11.000 euro III Income bracket15.000 euro IV Income bracket

Extra-European Union students:

15.000 euro
ISEE Income bracket Chart:

I Income bracket up to 40.000 euroII Income bracket from 40.001 to euro 70.000III Income bracket from 70.001 to euro 100.000IV Income bracket over 100.000 euro
Application fee:

Candidates who want to apply for admission to our Three-year courses must pay an application fee of 100 euro.

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