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    Vocational qualification

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    1 Year



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Stourbridge (West Midlands)

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Course programme

Vorsprung durch Deutsch! Do you already have some knowledge of and interest in German society and culture? Are you keen to develop this knowledge and explore in greater depth the areas you will have covered at GCSE? If so - then keep reading!

A German AS or A level course will give you every opportunity to understand and communicate in German at a higher level. You will also have the benefit of weekly sessions with a German assistant, language lab facilities and Internet access. And there is, of course, the chance to participate in an exciting exchange including work experience with a school in Brhl, near Cologne.

AS in year 12, is a progression from GCSE focussing on language skills, grammar and vocabulary. The three modules involve:
  • listening and responding
  • reading and writing
  • prepared oral topics

A2 in year 13 builds on the AS foundation and focuses on broadening your knowledge and understanding of German culture and society. There is a film option at this level. A minimum grade B in German at GCSE is desirable.

German (GCSE)
GCSE German is also available as a one year course, from which students may progress to AS in Year 13, if numbers are sufficient.

Spanish has now overtaken English to become the second most widely spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 21 countries and also of international conferences, the United Nations and the European community. Spanish is a language for business as well as providing access to the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Spain and Latin America.

AS Spanish gives you a deeper understanding of the language, both oral and written, through the study of such topics as the family, leisure, healthy living, education, the environment and multiculturalism.

In year 13 [A2] you will continue to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, as well as acquiring a wider knowledge of the literature, history and culture of the Spanish speaking world. A centre-assessed project will contribute to the overall marks awarded at A2.

Spanish (GCSE)
GCSE Spanish is also available as a one year course, from which students may progress to AS in year 13, if numbers are sufficient.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world (Wittgenstein)

Voulez-vous voyager? Avez-vous envie dlargir vos horizons?*Fancy exploring a new people, culture and language? Then this could be a course which opens up new possibilities and adventures for you!

In Year 12 we study a variety of topics such as health, education and the media, but look at them in greater depth than at GCSE. All work is supplemented by up-to-date news items and newspaper reports. All students have regular contact with a native speaker, and the opportunity to do work experience in the beautiful town of La Rochelle.

If you want to join us then a grade B at GCSE is highly desirable.

Remember languages are fun, varied, hugely rewarding and can make you very employable in the future!

*Do you want to travel? Do you fancy broadening your horizons?

French CBLC Level 3
This is a one year French course specifically aimed at those who feel they would wish to explore the language in a vocational context and provides an alternative to the traditional AS/A2 route.

The course includes listening which involves extracting information from a range of business contexts: interviews, telephone calls, business conversations. The oral exam comprises conducting essential business over the telephone with clients. You will also be asked to study a French business in depth and make a presentation on it. Writing will be based on formal business contexts: report or letter writing.

This highly innovative and practical course is open to all those with at least a B at GCSE (or CBLC Level 2 French) and equates to an AS level. It will particularly suit those students considering a career combining French with business/law/finance.

French and German CBLC Level 2
CBLC Level 2 is an equivalent qualification for students with no or few foreign language skills, who would like to learn some basics in a business context. (This is equivalent to a GCSE higher tier qualification).

Alongside a firm grammatical foundation, students will learn how to: greet visitors and make polite enquiries; conduct basic business transactions over the telephone; write a brief message, memo or letter.

This is a one-year course and no previous French or German language skills are required.


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