Full Time Applied ICT - (Single Award) Appled A-Levels

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    A Level

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    2 Years


AS Year. Communication of information. Accuracy and readability. Styles of presentation. How organizations present information. Functions within organizations. Information and its use. The impact of ICT on working practices. The impact of ICT on methods of production. Legislation. Public-service websites. Search engines. Databases. Use of spreadsheet.

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Blackpool (Lancashire)
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Blackpool Old Road, FY3 7LR


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You must have at least 5 Cs at GCSE including English. Desirable skills needed for this course are organisation, ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure.

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Course programme

Applied ICT (Single Award)
Applied ICT develops a broad range of practical skills and knowledge. You will learn new skills while studying for this course such as design, research, presentation, organisation, time management and writing. You will use the latest software packages to produce a variety of useful and creative documents and applications. The course prepares students for key roles in ICT.
You will use state-of-the-art Apple Macs, well known for their uniqueness and style. 24-Hour access to our e-learning environment will help you with research and portfolio work within the e-learning environment.

You will have opportunities to visit computing departments in well-known universities and experience first hand the latest developments in the exciting world of ICT.

Specific requirements
You must have at least 5 Cs at GCSE including English. Desirable skills needed for this course are organisation, ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure.

What will I study?

AS Year
· Communication of information
· Accuracy and readability
· Styles of presentation
· How organizations present information
· Functions within organizations
· Information and its use
· The impact of ICT on working practices
· The impact of ICT on methods of production
· Legislation
· Public-service websites
· Search engines
· Databases
· Use of spreadsheet facilities
· Development of spreadsheets to present results of data analysis
· Presentation of the results of an investigation

A2 Year
· Plan, develop and deliver a project
· Continual evaluation of work
· Production of a summative project
· Design an interactive multimedia product
· Create elements of an interactive multimedia product
· Author an interactive multimedia product
· Test and document multimedia product
· Review final product
· Planning a website
· Designing and documenting a website
· Creating a website
· Testing a website
· Uploading a website
· Evaluation of the website
· Laws and guidelines for website production


AS Year
66.7% coursework and 33.3% exam.
Unit 1 - Using ICT to communicate - coursework - 33.3% of AS.
Unit 2 - How Organizations use ICT - exam - 33.3% of AS.
Unit 3 - ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society - coursework - 33.3% of AS.

A2 Year
100% coursework.
Unit 9 -Working to a Brief - coursework - 33.3% of A2.
Unit 11 - Interactive Multimedia Products - coursework - 33.3% of A2.
Unit 14 -Developing and creating websites - coursework - 33.3% of A2.

Where does it lead
Various university courses are on offer for those attaining this qualification with exciting opportunities in specialist areas such as Computing, Software Engineering, Multimedia Technologies, Games Software Design and even Artificial Intelligence.

In Profile Hannah Ball

High School

Garstang High School, A Community Technology College

Subjects Taking

Applied ICT, Geography, Psychology, English Language and General Studies

What do you enjoy about being at The Blackpool Sixth Form College?

I enjoy the friendly working environment that the college has. The tutors are willing to give up their time to help you and are always willing to help. I also enjoy the freedom that the college offers. The College also creates an opportunity to meet new people.

What do you enjoy about studying this course?

I like having the ability to manage my own work and time. The tutors are always there to give help and advice when necessary; helping me to achieve the highest grades possible. The atmosphere within the classroom is very positive and is a great working environment.

Proposed Career/Ambition?

I would like to become a teacher; maybe specialising in ICT at secondary school level.

Full Time Applied ICT - (Single Award) Appled A-Levels

Price on request