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      Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

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      The Air Conditioning - Automotive online course will provide you with knowledge on Air Conditioning Basics, Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air Conditioning Split Systems. The course explains how theory is applied within the industry, gives complementary preparation to practical training, and offers an insight into the industry’s best practice.
      Suitable for: It is beneficial for those with technical background in other disciplines, beginners and Air conditioning engineers keen on keeping up to date and re-skill.

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      It can be undertaking from anywhere and at anytime. The only requirement is a computer with internet access.

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      Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

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      AC11- Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

      Areas covered in this module:
      · Introduction and Competence

      · Visual Checks

      · Operational Checks

      · Refrigerant Replacement: Safety

      · Refrigerant Replacement: Recovery, Leak Test, Evacuation, Charging, Final Checks and Disconnection

      · Summary

      · Quiz

      Topic Aim
      To describe some of the basic Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance checks and the refrigerant replacement procedure.

      Topic Objectives
      By the end of this topic you will be able to:

      · Describe the visual and operational maintenance checks used to test system performance

      · Explain the refrigerant replacement procedure

      · Explain the hazards associated with exposure to refrigerant

      Pre-requisite Study
      Anyone attempting maintenance of a vehicle air conditioning system must be under supervision or trained and competent in: reduce

      · Vehicle maintenance

      · Refrigerant handling

      · Pressure testing

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      Students per class: 2500

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