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Gaddon Consultants provides specialist courses in the RF and electronics field. Courses are held either in Yorkshire or On-site as required.Gaddon Consultant RF trainers have MoD security clearance.

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...The Introduction to RF course gives a general understanding of RF engineering, an appreciation of the techniques used and the basic Transmitter and Receiver... Learn about: Electromagnetic pollution, Test methodologies, Modulation techniques... More

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Ian White
Ian White
Director (Training


Gaddon Consultants has been providing RF training and technical support since 2003. All members of Gaddon Consultants have MoD Security clearance and have training skills gained in the Royal Air Force.

Advantages of studying here

Gaddon Consultants offers tutor led courses with practical and theoretical aspects to give well rounded courses

Areas of specialisation

RF, Avionics and Elecreonic engineering, covering basics and specialised equipments