Game Designing using 3ds Max and Unity 3d

In London

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Game Designing using 3ds Max and Unity 3d in London is a One to One training course which can be joined by people who are eager to become game developers quickly and this training is also for students of Game Design degree programs. This training course will provide you a perspective of Game Design that how games are developed, what tools are needed and the student will be taught to use Unity 3d and 3ds Max to create games very easily.




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Vauxhall, SW8 5BX


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To take into account

After completing this training a student will be able to use Unity 3d and 3ds Max to create games as an indie game developer or you can also join the game Development companies and work in Game Development Industry.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Design
  • Javascript
  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • 3d training
  • 3D Studio Animation
  • 3D Studio Max 6
  • 3D Studio Max Autodesk
  • Bryce 3D
  • Lightwave 3D
  • 3D Max Maya
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Materials
  • 3D
  • Game
  • 3dsmax
  • Design
  • Simple programming
  • Game Designing
  • Unity3d

Teachers and trainers (1)

Mr. Sitwat Ali Ali

Mr. Sitwat Ali Ali

Director/ Lead Designer

Course programme


1. Introduction
2. Basic interface and layout study


1. Edit Poly Modeling
2. Extrude
3. Chamfer
4. Cut and Slices
5. Symmetry Mirror Modeling
6. Designing a table and chair
7. Designing a house using box
8. Lines and Shapes
9. Shell
10. Doors and Windows
11. Stairs


1. Compound objects
a. Connect
b. Scatter
c. Pro Boolean
d. Loft
e. Terrain
2. Bend, Taper, Twist, Stretch, Skew
3. FFD
4. Lattice


1. Diffuse
2. Specularity
3. Bump Mapping

Exporting to Unity

1. Organizing before exporting
2. Export format
3. Export Settings


Introduction to Unity

 Introduction to gaming and game Development process
 Unity Basics
 Interface
 Inspector
 Project and Hierarchy

Starting making a game

 Working With Projects
 Creating Projects
 Importing Geometry
 Importing Textures
 Using terrain generator to make terrain
 Creating basic primitives in unity


 Working with materials 1
 Working with materials 2
 Finishing materials on all objects


 Creating lights
 Adjusting Lights
 Creating Sunlight

 Animating objects
 Animating lights
 Adjusting Animations


 Adding Sound
 Interacting sound
 Modifying sound

Programming Tools

 JavaScript
 Editor for JavaScript
 Variables and functions
 Simple programming


 Test the game
 Fixing bugs
 Changes in games

Building the game

 Game authoring Settings
 Building game for windows
 Playing the game
£ 1,200 + VAT