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The courses offered by GB Fitness are very unique in their approach. We pride ourselves on real education for Exercise Professionals who want the knowledge to make a difference to the lives of their clients and the results that they achieve exceed those of the mass-produced Instructors that are all too common in our industry.There is a lot of work covered each day (with more study and revision at home) but this is how we can fit so much in that is not normally included by other training companies, esp. at this price! These courses do go much deeper than your standard "turn up-and-pass" type that seem to be the trend!The course books are in depth and focus on NEEDED skills rather than information you will never use.The courses have a varied base of students from Elite athletes to some that have never is an equal starting ground as many have pre-conceived ideas that we may well change for the better of both you and your clients ...The courses offered cover a wide range of training protocols as well as assessing techniques and relevant theory - to be applied to any sport or rehabilitation situation.As you will see from our website we at GB Fitness have a vast range of experience and so the course content will reflect this (We always recommend that you check WHO is teaching you, WHO wrote the courses and WHAT they have achieved with THEIR clients...all OUR details are here on the website). And we don't just throw you out there when you have qualified, we stay in touch and help you get going!The courses are normally held in Birmingham, over weekends and accommodation can be arranged for you at heavily discounted rates.Many travel from around the country as these courses offer the most comprehensive training, wide validation and at a fraction of the cost of many other companies...easy choice really!?We can also offer courses in your area if the numbers are adequate and a suitable establishment can be arranged.GB FITNESS/N.A.B.B.A. ADVANCED GYM INSTRUCTOR COURSEGB FITNESS/N.A.B.B.A. ADVANCED PERSONAL TRAINER COURSEGB FITNESS DIPLOMA IN ADVANCED NUTRITION FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH

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...assessing health by means of body fat analysis, nutrient interactions and the dangers of drugs. Suitable for: All with a keen interest in the magic heald within healthy nutrition... More

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Cain Leathem
Cain Leathem
Exercise & Nutrition Consultant

Cain Leathem is one of Britains leading Exercise and Nutrition Consultants... having studied extensively aspects of the human body, exercise principles and nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as many other related disciplines. As a highly qualified and experienced consultant he has appeared on T.V. and radio, has been featured/written in many specialist magazines and newspapers. As a personal trainer and nutritionist his clients range from complete beginners desiring fat loss and health enhancement to international athletes in elite competition.