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GCE A Level Business Studies

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The course encourages the practical application of business concepts by exploring events in the business world and relating these to theories and practice. Importantly, it also develops the transferable, academic skills required by higher education through using appropriate business tools and methods.

To take into account

Normally students 16 - 19 years of age will require a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grades A* - C, one of which must be either GCSE Mathematics or GCSE English Language. Entry for mature students without formal qualifications is at the discretion of the Curriculum Area.

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Course programme

  • The course encourages students to adopt an investigative approach, applying knowledge of the real world
  • Successful students will be able to apply knowledge of Business theories and concepts to understanding problems and potential solutions
  • Students will sit assessment units in June. AS students will sit Unit 1 and Unit 2 in June of the first year. A-Level students will sit Units 3 and Unit 4 in June of the second year. There will be an opportunity for AS students to resit modules if they wish
  • The course encourages the practical application of business concepts by providing students with the opportunity to explore events in the business world as a means of reinforcing understanding of theories and concepts
  • The course is intended to promote active rather than passive understanding, as it considers business theories and concepts within a framework that provides reasons for studying the subject
  • This course focuses on the contemporary business world as it has been devised to reflect contemporary issues in the business world, eg. entrepreneurship, customer service and emerging markets
  • The theme of change is central to Unit 4 and is further emphasised by the inclusion of topics such as globalisation and migration.
  • A Levels provide an excellent basis for progression to Higher level qualifications such as degrees or Higher National Diplomas
  • Employers from many diverse fields recognise the benefit of studying Business Studies
  • Employment opportunities exist in Retail and Manufacturing Industries, Finance and Accounting and the Public Sector.

Additional information

Students will be required to sit four external examinations. The written papers will require students to answer questions based on stimulus material.

GCE A Level Business Studies

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