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    2 Years

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Hounslow (Middlesex)
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75-81 Staines Road, TW3 3HW

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Course programme

Course review:

At New London College, our aim for GCSE students, is for all of them to receive 5 A-C grades in order to participate onto our A level programme. Our long term aim for students is to obtain a place at a top UK university on completing their GCSE & A Level.

A full-time student usually studies for 7/8 subjects for their GCSE. The class size for GCSE subjects rarely exceeds 10-12 students. Students receive four hours of teaching per subject per week and for any subject that has less than 3 students, 2 hours per week.

We will expect all GCSE students to take the following five core subjects; Maths, Science, English Literature, English Language and ICT. Students will also have the opportunity to take other subjects for which a wide range of courses are offered to ensure that they can have a good breadth of disciplines within their programme. We provide expert advice to ensure that students choose the correct combination of subjects to enable them to meet the requirements of universities as well as match students to those subjects in which they have ability and interest.

Students should expect to participate in lessons from 8:30am to 4pm, which includes a one-hour lunch break. As well as formal GCSE lessons, students will also participate in games for 2 hours per week, as well as PSHE for 2 hours per week. In years 9, 10 and 11 PSHE and PE are a compulsory part of the curriculum.

GCSE - 1

£ 1,260 VAT inc.