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Course programme

To make sure the course is right for you, we ask you to provide evidence of grades and/or achievements before enrolment can be completed.

Students who do not meet the entry criteria are expected to undertake diagnostic tests in literacy and/or number. You may also be asked to complete a written test in your chosen subject.

OPEN LEARNING is a way of studying by a 'non-traditional' method, where you can study at your own pace and fit in your learning with work and family commitments. It is ideal for anyone who is unable to attend classes on a regular basis. This course is perfect if you want to achieve a GCSE for further study, work or just out of interest.

With increasing integration into Europe, studying French as a second language is beneficial for both work and leisure. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge of French, this course will enable you to achieve GCSE marks up to grade B and also help you:
  • gain an understanding of spoken and written French through various interesting exercises
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in French in both speech and writing
  • establish an excellent foundation for practical use and/or further study of French
  • learn more about the countries and communities in which French is spoken
The course has been written in a practical and interactive style with activities and self-check questions. The course materials are :
  • a study guide and student handbook containing valuable study skills advice
  • a total of 18 self-contained topics that are structured to help you learn
  • an assignment guide designed to help you complete your 15 assignments
  • an introductory skills unit containing 4 topics designed to give you a head start in your studies
  • a vocabulary and grammar summary giving you a complete reference and chance for review
  • an exam book with important advice and guidance
  • a free NEC revision cassette to help prepare you for exams
  • a copy of Palgrave Macmillan Breakthrough French 1 EURO edition 4th edition published 2003 and 4 cassettes
AS French


Mode of study - open/distance learning.

Study time - each of the 18 topics is self-contained and takes about 1-2 hours of study time. If you intend to take the GCSE exam and plan on studying every topic, you will need to study for at least 3-5 hours per week for approximately 9 months. The course also contains 15 assignments with advice on how and when to complete them.

Duration - all GCSE subjects are studied over one academic year.

Start date - enrolment can take place anytime throughout the year but GCSE exams are set for May/June only. It is therefore a good idea to enrol at the earliest opportunity to give you the maximum amount of time to complete the course.

Examination structure - this course covers the GCSE syllabus for French 3651 set by the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA). Please note that it does not cover the modular specification B3652. Candidates must attempt all the following Attainment Target skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Each of these carries 25% of the total exam marks. Candidates may enter for the same tier of all skills or for a mix of tiers, but may not enter for both tiers of the same skill. Your tutor can help you decide which tier to enter before you register for exams. If you complete the French course successfully, you will be able to enter for all four Foundation level tests or a mixture of Higher and Foundation tests. Candidates entering one or two skills at the Higher tier can achieve grade B. This course does not cover the coursework option for the Writing test. Exams take place in June.

Subjects covered by the course -
  • Introductory skills
  • Studying a foreign language
  • Vocabulary guide
  • Listening and pronunciation guide
  • Grammar guide
Study Topics
  • Talking about yourself
  • Talking about family, friends, likes and dislikes
  • Ordering snacks and drinks
  • Finding holiday accommodation and changing money
  • Finding the way by asking, giving and receiving directions
  • Time, dates, timetables and bank holidays
  • Shopping for food
  • More about shopping and other daily tasks
  • Travel and transport
  • Enjoy your meal!
  • Healthy living, and interests and hobbies
  • Town and country holidays and holiday activities
  • Where you live, the weather and the environment
  • School, work, getting a job
  • Home life and events, including loss and theft
  • Character and personal relationships
  • Future plans, careers, family and holidays
  • Talking about past events
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GCSE French

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