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Stourbridge (West Midlands)

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Course programme

Geology is a detective story where the evidence is old, fragmented and tortured by the earths heaving. In this course, youll develop the skills and techniques to solve some of the earths puzzles.

The AS course introduces you to the ideas of geology and is equally divided between theory and practical. Fieldwork is a vital component and you will spend several days out locally as well as on residentials in the Lake District and North Wales. There will also be the opportunity to join the annual field courses to Iceland and further abroad - recent trips have been to the Himalayas and Kenya. There is no coursework at AS. The A2 course develops the AS ideas further and includes modules on resources and climate change.

We do not expect you to have studied geology before and there are no specific GCSE subjects required but it combines well with either geography or the sciences.

Students who choose geology at AS almost always go on to A2 and half of those eventually study geology at university. If you like variety in your studies and enjoy the outdoors, try geology.


Price on request