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Goose CP with over 20 years of international security "knowhow" are specialists in counter terrorism and are one of the world's leading authorities in the field of international close protection.Goose Cryer M. C., the founder of Goose CP known to the international security industry as Goose served a full military career in the Parachute Regiment and the UK Special Forces where Goose was the instructor for close protection (CP). Goose Cryer M.C. has served on many deployments including serving in the former Yugoslavia where Goose was the CP officer in charge for the UN Commander, Sir Michael Rose. Goose is profiled in the following publications: * Fighting For Peace by Sir Michael Rose * Trustred Mole by Milos Stankovic * An Unorthodox Soldier by Tim Spicer * Close To The Edge by Jim Davidson * Time To Say Hello by Katherine Jenkins.

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