Heart Zones - Blue Jersey

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    Short course

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    1 Day

This new, innovative and essential concept for training individuals and groups replaces. age related formulas with a scientific and fact based product - Heart Zone Training®. Heart Zone Training® is an accurate method of using a Heart Rate Monitor tool for working at the correct intensity within a training programme.
Suitable for: Fitness instructors. Personal trainers. Sports coaches. Athletes



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Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire)
Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing, HP19 7AA

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On request

About this course

We do not stipulate fitness industry qualifications, however it is useful to have some background knoweldge of fitness in general. A good level of fitness and to be enthusiastic.

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Course programme

Use Heart Zone Training as a motivating tool by monitoring & measuring performance.

Adopt this personal training product to create correc training levels & personalized programmes

Improve the quality of peoples lives and the performance of top athletes by maximizing their time

Benefit from the software programme for the Heart Rate Monitor in group/cass and individual formats

A group exercise training product that will involve Seniors & Juniors

Rehabilitiation and special populations products

The Blue Jersey Certification covers the core knowledge needed to train yourself and others. There are thory and practical sessions within this exciting and necessary one day course.

  • Heart Zone training with a Heart Rate Monitor
  • Ambient & Delta Heart Rate
  • Basics of Training
  • All about Maximum Heart Rate
  • Sub Maximal Heart Rate Tests
  • Motivation in Training
  • Finding and increasing the 'Fat Burning Zone'
  • Ten steps to Heart Zone Training ijncluding creating an individualised training schedule with a progressive dosage of time spent in each zone.
  • Proof of use: 2 weeks in which to use Heart Zones Training with yourself and a client. Create a report with the programme used and its results

Additional information

Students per class: 12

Heart Zones - Blue Jersey

£ 175 + VAT