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The Edexcel International GCSE  Human Biology course is designed to facilitate development of a broad understanding of human biological principles and concepts and also includes relevant biological investigative skill development. Students will also learn how to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of scientific developments and advances.



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Oxford (Oxfordshire)
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Campus 231, 266 Banbury Road, OX2 7DL

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All students must per 16 years of age and above.

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content: Unit 1: Cells and tissues · Cell structure and function · Microscopes · Grouping of cells into tissues · Organisation of tissues into organs · Scientific units of length · Diffusion, osmosis and active transport · Surface area, volume ratio, temperature and concentration gradient · Cellular respiration and energy · Chemical equations · ATP · Role of enzymes · Experimental design and investigative skills Unit 2: Physiology part 1 · Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids · Role of glucose · Vitamins and mineral ions · Dietary requirements · Digestion · Circulatory system (blood, heart) · Breathing and gas exchange processes · Applications (conditions and treatments) · Investigative skills and evaluating data Unit 3: Physiology part 2 · Homeostasis · Excretion · Thermoregulation · Osmoregulation · Central nervous system · Sense organs · Musculoskeletal system · Movement · Hormones · Liver · Kidney · Applications (conditions and treatments) · Investigative skills and evaluating data Unit 4: Reproduction and Inheritance · Male and female reproductive systems · Fertility · Chromosomes, genes and DNA: variation and mutation · Cell division: mitosis and meiosis · Genes and inheritance · Natural and artificial selection · Cell division (mitosis and meiosis) · Investigative skills Unit 5: Microorganisms · Disease and infection · Viruses and bacteria · Vectors · Immunity and vaccines · Decomposers, pollution and hygiene · Ecosystems and the environment · Global warming · Deforestation · Ionising radiation · Investigative skills What's Included Online Learning Documentation, Online Resources and Tutor support for 1 year.

Human Biology (4HBO)

£ 315 + VAT