HumanTechnics is a leading centre of excellence for University accredited Executive Coach training, and for supporting client organisations looking to build coaching skills and a coaching style of leadership as a core organisational competence.The HumanTechnics 'coaching approach' is based on a broad range of disciplines, ideas, models and theories. It uses 'what works' and focuses on effectively supporting clients in achieving both their outcomes, and developing the skills and capabilities that drive individual and organisational performance.The HumanTechnics Executive Coach Training programmes are accredited at Postgraduate Masters level by Bristol Business School. Our professional qualifications are among the most recognised and highly regarded in the world.

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Sarah Frossell
Sarah Frossell
Course Designer and Lead Trainer for Human Technics

Sarah Frossell is one of the UK’s best known and respected NLP Master Trainers. She started working with NLP in 1986 and has been a Master Trainer for some years, having worked with the original creators of NLP and completed her original trainer training in Toronto with Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall in 1992. Sarah is passionate about the potential of people and about the value of applying NLP techniques in business, personal development, leadership development and education.


HumanTechnics was created around the skills and expertise of leading specialists in leadership and performance development. In 2004 HumanTechnics created a standardised executive coach training programme called the HumanTechnics Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. The programme quickly gained a strong reputation among professional coaches and learning and development professionals looking to build coaching into their expertise.In 2007 the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching gained Postgraduate Masters level accreditation from Bristol Business School. Our partnership with the University continues to develop and through research, increasingly informs our understanding of benefits of coaching.HumanTechnics is now recognised as one of Europe’s premier centres of excellence for professional development for coaches, and a key partner for organisations looking to achieve the performance benefits gained through a ‘coaching culture’ and a ‘coaching style of leadership’.

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HumanTechnics is a leading provider of coach training courses that can significantly develop your excellence as a coach. Our courses are specifically designed for coaches who want to extend their skills, Learning & Development professionals who want to build executive coaching into their portfolio of expertise, as well as managers looking for high levels of leadership capability. Our courses are highly practical, focusing on building and refining the skills that make a great coach. The University accreditation gives programme graduates the ability to represent themselves as qualified professional coaches in a market that is often confusing for people looking to buy coaching services. Contact us for more information about our coaching course and how it may take your professional skills to new levels.

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University accredited Executive Coach training - both open courses and in house training