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Suitable for: Because ICELT is flexible it is difficult to describe a typical candidate. However, some examples are: You may be teaching English and wish to develop your knowledge and skills. You may have been working in a primary school for several years, and have begun to teach English without any previous ELT training. You may be returning to language teaching after a period of time and wish to review and develop your English Language skills. You may be teaching adults in a private institute. You trained to teach at secondary level but that was many years ago.



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Bournemouth (Dorset)
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Nortoft Road, Charminster

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About this course

Ideally you should: * Be a practicing teacher who will have had a total of at least 500 hours of relevant experience by the end of the course * Be at least 18 years of age * Have a standard of English which enables you to participate effectively in the course and to meet the assessment requirements.

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Course programme

What does ICELT involve?

Courses may be delivered either entirely face to face or face to face with distance training support. The combination of contact hours plus distance learning support must be at least 120 hours.

There are seven units of learning:

  • Language knowledge and awareness
  • The background to teaching and learning English
  • Resources and materials
  • Planning and management of teaching and learning
  • Evaluation, monitoring and assessment
  • Professional development
  • Language for teachers.

The ICELT course is offered part time and can take from a few months to over a year. It gives you insight into the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English in your teaching context. You will:

  • Have hands-on teaching practice
  • Observe experienced teachers in the classroom
  • Complete four practical written assignments and four language tasks.

Four lessons are assessed by your course tutor. A Cambridge-approved Moderator visits each course to moderate candidates' work.

ICELT is divided into two modules. You can take Module One as a stand-alone module or progress to Module Two to achieve the full ICELT qualification.

Module One

  • Language for Teachers (Assessment component 1)
    You will complete four to six tasks designed to improve your use of English for teaching purposes. The number of tasks depends on whether you are taking Module One only or in combination with Module Two.

Module Two

  • Teaching (Assessment component 2)
    You will plan, teach and evaluate four lessons, which are assessed by your course tutor.
  • Methodology (Assessment component 3)
    You will complete four classroom-related written assignments.

Courses are moderated externally. Samples of coursework are submitted to Cambridge ESOL for further moderation at the end of the course. You will be awarded an overall grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction as well as component grades of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Who recognises ICELT?

Cambridge ESOL Teaching Awards are recognised by organisations which employ English Language teachers as providing quality teacher training. Cambridge ESOL works with international ELT organisations to ensure the acceptance of ICELT globally.

ICELT Module One

ICELT is a course-based award for practising English Language teachers. Coursework and teaching are internally assessed and externally moderated. There is no written examination requirement. ITTC now offers practising teachers the opportunity to take the ICELT Module One on an intensive 3-week course.

Module One: Language for Teachers is intended for teachers who are interested primarily in improving their language competence in the classroom context. Candidates in this category complete six tasks and cover some content and assessment criteria included in Module 2.

This module is appropriate for participants with a range of needs. It is suitable for:

  • Institutional development and training needs for in-service English Language teachers
  • Experienced teachers of other subjects who wish to develop their professional English for English-medium teaching of their subject
  • Teachers who may be returning to language teaching after a period of time and who wish to review and develop their English Language skills
  • Teachers of other second or foreign languages who wish to include TESOL as part of their career development.

Teachers will normally have at least 100 hours teaching experience and must be able to demonstrate language proficiency to a level at which the centre can confidently expect them to cope with the demands of the module. This would normally be a minimum of Council of Europe level B2 (First Certificate in English or equivalent).

The assessment of all the tasks will take place during the course and successful candidates are awarded a certificate for Module One.


£ 1,017 + VAT