Vocational qualification

In Stourbridge

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  • Type

    Vocational qualification

  • Location


  • Duration

    2 Years



Start date

Stourbridge (West Midlands)

Start date

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Course programme

The two courses are quite distinct and offer completely different experiences at AS level. ICT is the subject which is closest to the ICT courses studied at school. It has a large practical element and students will experience a wide range of applications involving business modelling, multimedia and presentation techniques.

Computing is a more technical subject. It also has a large practical element. Students will be introduced to programming and how programming can be used within other applications. This can sound daunting but most students find it to be quite good fun and the pace is tailored to the individual needs of the students. It provides access to a much wider range of computer-based courses at university level.

Neither subject requires any specific GCSEs, though ICT will build upon the various ICT courses undertaken at school. For computing the most important prerequisite is an interest in the technical aspects of computers. We do not expect any previous experience of programming.

Both subjects can lead to A2 courses in Year 13 where the knowledge and techniques learnt at AS level are applied in more detail. Again there is a large practical element in both subjects.


Price on request