IFS2I Consulting

IFS2I Consulting


IFS2I Consulting is a Private Military Education Center. We are offering numerous programs of bodyguard training and PSD in Russia, Kazakhstan, Middle East, and Western Africa. All our courses are dispensed in different languages according to different wishes of the group, all of them are made by professional instructors issuing from French and Russian special forces. IFS2I Consulting is represented by more than 380 collaborators on the whole of Federation of Russia, Africa, as well as in the Middle East.

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...Anticipation and evasion, reaction on aggressors’ acts procedures of removal. SHOOTING : - Manipulation of different hand arms and long arms that are... Learn about: Private Investigator, Security Awareness, Aviation Security... More

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Since its creation in 2000 by 2 founders both having the experience of the French Ministry of Defense, the IFS2I Company has oriented its activity on the development of different courses of the world of security to answer different demands from Companies as well as from individuals first of all in France and then in others countries.Achieved objective : in 2005, 1850 people have followed a course of close protection or private defense.