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History, then, is the study of the past. It’s about looking at people, places and events and seeing how the world has got to where it is now.

Objectives of the IGCSE History Course

The Edexcel IGCSE in History enables students to:

have a fascinating insight into aspects of twentieth century history.
focus on the impact of the Second World War on countries as diverse as the United States of America, Germany, India and those newly formed by decolonization in Africa
study how the twentieth century brought independence to many nations around the world.
give an insight into what is happening in the world today, and help you to understand some aspects of living in a modern, diverse, democratic community.

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Key Topics The course is designed to match the Exexcel 4HI0 specification and is divided into four modules, as follows: Development of dictatorship: Germany, 1918-1945 A Divided Union: Civil Rights in the USA, 1945-74 Colonial rule and the nationalist challenge in India, 1919-1947 Change in Africa: from colonialism to independence, 1945-2000 Covering key events in twentieth century world history, the course includes the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, and the impact of the Second World War on Germany; the Wall Street Crash, Roosevelt and the New Deal; Gandhi, Congress and Indian Independence; and finally, independence movements in Africa and the end of apartheid.

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Edexcel international GCSE in History (4HI0)

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Course programme

Course Outline

How is the course structured? The IGCSE History course is divided into four comprehensive modules:

Module 1 (Preliminary lesson and Theme 1)
- Preliminary lesson on Using Historical Sources
- (Section B5: Development of Dictatorship: Germany, 1918-45)
- The Establishment of the Weimar Republic and its early Problems
- The Recovery of Germany, 1924-29
- The Rise of Hitler and the Nazis
- Life in Nazi Germany
- Tutor Marked Assignment A
- The Impact of the Second World War in Germany

Module 2 (Theme 2)
(Section C9: A divided union: civil rights in the USA, 1945-1974)
- The Cold War, the Red Scare and McCarthyism
- Civil Rights in the 1950s
- Martin Luther King and Black Power
- Tutor Marked Assignment C
- New Protest Movements
- Nixon and Watergate
- Tutor Marked Assignment D

Module 3 (Historical Investigation)
(Section A5: Colonial Rule and the Nationalist Challenge in India, 1919–47)
- The Rowlatt Acts, Amritsar and the Government of India Act, 1919
- Gandhi and Congress, 1917-29
- Key Developments in the 1930s
- Tutor Marked Assignment E
- The Impact of the Second World War on India
- The Growth of Communal Violence, 1945-47
- Independence and Partition
- Tutor Marked Assignment F

Module 4 (Breadth Study in Change)
(Section B6: Change in Africa: from colonialism to independence, 1939–2000)
- The Impact of the Second World War on Change in Africa
- Independence Movements in East and West Africa
- Changes in the Congo
- Tutor Marked Assignment G
- Independence Movements in North Africa
- South Africa and the End of Apartheid
- Tutor Marked Assignment H

- Revision and Mock examination: TMA I


For each module there are two or three formal tutor-marked assessments which, when completed, should be sent to your tutor, via e-mail or conventional post. All of the information within the units is written in line with the requirements of the examination board specification and the demands of the examination.

All units are broken down into clear subject topics, and students should spend the amount of time studying for each topic as advised by their course tutor. Each topic module has been written for ease of understanding and topic coverage may be of different length and difficulty depending on the level of detail and information required. You will need to study the modules in the sequence provided.

IGCSE History

£ 315 + VAT