Illumine Training

Illumine Training


Illumine training specialises in delivering management and personal development training enabling individuals and their organisations to effectively manage information overload and develop their creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills. illumine’s public and in-house courses have a first class reputation amongst public sector organisations and blue-chip private sector companies, both in the UK and abroad. We provide high impact in-house training sessions and also a programme of open courses which individuals or smaller groups can attend.

Teachers and trainers (2)

Clive Lewis
Clive Lewis
Leading Business Mapping Expert

Clive Lewis is a world-leading expert in Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, accelerated learning and related aspects of managing information overload, creative thinking and motivation at work. He is also the Director of Training and co-founder of Illumine Training.

David  Lambert
David Lambert
Co Author - Smarter Selling

David is one of the co-authors of Smarter Selling. Having spent over 20 years in consulting, training and business development, David now runs IOWEU International Limited with Keith Dugdale.


Since 1996 Illumine has been delivering in-house courses and workshops for many large and small organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectorsn around the world.

Areas of specialisation

Mastering Information Overload, Mind Mapping, Speed Reading, Memory Techniques, Communication Skills, Written Communication, Grammar, Faciliation, Effective Meetings, Coaching, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving Techniques, Edward De Bono Techniques, Employee Motivation, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, Well-being, Motivational techniques, Team Building, Trainer Accreditation, Time Management, management development, personal development