Child Care Management inhouse Liverpool

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  • Child Care Management
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  • Course
  • Inhouse in Liverpool
    and 18 other venues
  • 7h

...importance and is to be supported at every stage. the course re-iterates that information is to be collated, recorded and shared appropriately with partner agencies... Learn about: Child Psychology, Learning and Development, Early Years... More

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  • Training
  • Inhouse in Liverpool
    and 33 other venues
  • 14h

...Early Identification of Emotional, Physical, Sexual abuse and Neglect. Exploration of Key aspects of Child Abuse, and it's causes. Review detailed research. Build networks of support. Increase confidence in your role. Understand the role of the LSCB. increase knowledge identify personal... Learn about: Child Behaviour, Nursery Nurse, Child Protection... More

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Introduction To Residential Childcare - inhouse
Just ONE Recruitment & Training Ltd
  • Course
  • Inhouse in Liverpool
  • 2 Days

...* The role of the worker and their place in the organisation. * The importance of understanding personal value bases in the care of young people *... Learn about: Child Care Management, Special Needs Childcare, Child Protection... More

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Case Conferences & Core Groups - inhouse
Just ONE Recruitment & Training Ltd
  • Course
  • Inhouse in Liverpool
    and 23 other venues
  • 7h

... Protection systems. Explaining the threshold of Safeguarding and Child Protection Plans. Understand expectations and requirements of Child Protection Case Conferences. Identify roles and responsibilities & define the purpose of Case confeences and Core Groups. Suitable for: All Those staff who are required... Learn about: Child Psychology, Special Needs Childcare, Learning and Development... More

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