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5 Day Kitchen Fitting Course - inhouse
YTA Training and Assessment Ltd
  • Training
  • Inhouse in Bradford
  • Beginner
  • Different dates available
  • 5 Days

...You will fit a kitchen using the router and jigs to perform a neat worktop joint. Suitable for: Years... Learn about: Construction Training, Kitchen Skills, Kitchen Fitting... More

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  • Course
  • Inhouse
  • 4 Weeks

...Our Fitting Course covers the elements necessary to become a professional kitchen fitter. One of the benefits of training with Access Training is that our instructors have vast experience of working in the industry and are only too keen to pass on their knowledge. They can guide you in the right... Learn about: Kitchen Fitting... More

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  • Training
  • Inhouse in Edenbridge
  • 10 Weeks

...sites Also included within this career change package are modules on how to set up a business or, if you are looking for employment, interview... Learn about: Central heating, Kitchen Fitting... More

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  • Short course
  • Inhouse in Manchester
    and another venue.
  • 1 Day

...work which could disturb Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) The course covers a wide range of short tasks with asbestos (i.e. drilling, cutting... Learn about: Central heating, Painting and Decorating, Air conditioning... More

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17th Edition Wiring Regulations (City & Guilds 2382) - inhouse
Update (Safety, Training & Assessment Services)
  • Training
  • Inhouse
  • 3 Days

...Participants will gain a thorough working knowledge of the 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations. Suitable for: Electricians and non-electricians who caryy... Learn about: Kitchen Fitting, Central heating, Air conditioning... More

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  • Course
  • Inhouse in Alveston
    and 2 other venues
  • 3h

...Our course has been expertly designed to surpass HSE requirements & ensure that you are in full compliance with your legal obligations. Even better... Learn about: Painting and Decorating, Air conditioning, Working at Heights... More

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  • NVQ
  • Inhouse
  • 7 Months

...NVQ Carpentry, NVQ Plastering, NVQ Tilers, NVQ Bricklayers and etc. - in London Getting your NVQ level 2 is Free NVQ level 2 is free because it is funded... Learn about: Highway Project Management, Painting and Decorating, Construction Maintenance... More

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  • Course
  • Inhouse in Ayr (Scotland)
  • 5 Days

...course over five consecutive days. However, day release, comprising of one or two days per week for up to a maximum of five weeks, is an acceptable alternative... Learn about: Forklift truck training, Working at Heights, Crane operator... More

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  • Course
  • Inhouse
  • 1 Week

...You will learn how to plan, project manage and install your own kitchen at a fraction of the price charged by a third party installer. Suitable for: The course is specifically designed for people with no prior experience, its aim is to provide you with the theoretical understanding and practical... Learn about: Kitchen Fitting... More

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  • Course
  • Inhouse in Cardiff (Wales)
  • 4 Weeks

...Gas Fires and Wall Heaters - 1 day WAT 1: Water Heaters - 1 day MET 1: Meters - 1 day Durations vary depending on course. Access Training's dedicated... Learn about: Central heating, 17th Edition, Kitchen Fitting... More

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