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The How To Become An Interior Designer course contains everything you need to know in order to prepare to work as an interior designer. Interior design is a popular career choice for many people who have an interest in the visual arts and home décor, and this profession can be both creatively and financially fulfilling. However, it is important to understand not only the fundamentals of interior design, but also the practical side of working in this competitive industry.Once you understand the key issues that govern design projects, you will have the confidence to build your own personal style whilst helping your client devise their ideal home or commercial space. This course begins with a discussion of what interior designers do on a day-to-day basis, how they are trained, and the qualities necessary to succeed in this line of work. It then looks at a number of topics within interior design, enabling you to develop an understanding of how interior projects are managed. The modules within this course cover colour, project management, furniture, materials, textures, and much more. The course also contains clear, up-to-date information on what you need to consider when setting up your own interior design business. You will also learn about sustainability in interior design; an issue that has recently begun to receive attention in the industry.What You Will Learn






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Course programme

Course Content

                                                    • Module 1: What is Interior Design?
                                                    • Module 2: Planning a Project and Client Communication
                                                    • Module 3: Planning Considerations for Different Types of Room and Spaces
                                                    • Module 4: Use of Colour in Interior Design
                                                    • Module 5: Use of Surface Materials and Textures in Interior Design
                                                    • Module 6: Use of Lighting in Interior Design
                                                    • Module 7: Sourcing and Selecting Furniture
                                                    • Module 8: Working with Textiles and Accessories
                                                    • Module 9: Sustainability and Ethics in Interior Design
                                                    • Module 10: Running Your Own Interior Design Business

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