Intermediate Diploma in Equine Management (Feeding)


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Provides a good standard of equine management knowledge with in depth knowledge on various aspects of equine care & welfare together with specialist and detailed knowledge on equine feeding & nutrition. Suitable for more mature students and experienced rider/groom/carer.






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Aims to improve job prospects and career opportunities. To increase awareness of those already working in the industry about manufacturers literature regarding feeds and nutrition for various workloads

Suitable for more mature students and experienced rider/groom/carer.

* Minimum age : 16 years * It is required that the student has a good standard of knowledge and all round experience in equine care & management especially if they intend to fast track Level 1.

Lingfield Intermediate Diploma in Equine Management (Feeding)

One to one personal friendly tutor for all students Flexible completion date - take breaks if you need to Work at your own speed in your own time. One of the most comprehensive programmes available at this type of fee

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  • Equine Management skills
  • Equine feeding development
  • Equine Psychology
  • Pasture management
  • Ailments and injuries
  • Tack/bits care and use

Teachers and trainers (3)

Fiona Dent

Fiona Dent

BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Tutor & Course Consultant

BHSII,SC,T, RDAI BHS - Senior Coach UKCC Level 3 UKCC Assessor Fiona Dent Pony Club examiner, NVQ assesser. South East Region Dressage Co-ordinator RDA, Training Adviser, Fiona fits family commitments in with organising area Dressage for the RDA with her training &freelance clients on Kent, Surrey Sussex borders. An instructor with 30 years teaching experience, she friendly & approachable. Excelling with the difficult horse or pony and with nervous riders. Fiona has a varied skillbase amongst them are the fact she competed to GP level dressage and worked with competiton driving ponies

Hannah Haskew

Hannah Haskew

Short Course Director

PGDip AM(Dist), BSc(Hons), BHSAI(reg'd), EBWII, MMAA, BCMA(reg'd)

Paula  Clements

Paula Clements

Course Director

Course programme

This Intermediate Diploma programme combines 3 courses into one enrolment:
1. Level 1
2. Level 2 equine care & management courses
SC5 Feeding & Nutrition course

Speciality topic : SC5 Feeding & Nutrition course covers the following topics:

  • The different types of feed in common use today;
  • The content and constituent parts of feed and how the various parts are used by the body;
  • What some of the various feeds consist of and how they work;
  • Types & detail on bulk high fibre food. Hay, Haylage, Horsehage.
  • Feeding different horses with different life styles;
  • Selecting the right sort of feed for a particular horse;
  • Risks encountered relating to behavioural and health problems when fed incorrectly;
  • How to prevent these things going wrong;
  • Preparing feed charts for numbers/groups;
  • The importance of vitamins and minerals and the use of additives;


The Syllabus & content include:

  • Study guides & detail.
  • Assignments throughout the course
  • Introduction to nutritional feeding
  • Dictionary of Feeding Terms
  • The horse's digestive system
  • How the wild horse feeds and forages & how it relates to feeding stabled and field kept horses
  • Importance of maintaining natural feeding methods & systems
  • Details on the 3 categories of food
  • The building blocks of feeds and requirements for a healthy diet. The importance of balanced diets
  • Rules of feeding and reasons for rules
  • Working out how much to feed
  • Behavioural problems associated with feeding
  • Additives and supplements
  • Feeding for specific situations, young, old/veteran, in-foal etc.
  • Lamitis & colic and other problems associated with feeding,
  • Worming
  • Teeth
  • Final assignment for Certification

The Level 1 & 2
These courses cover a comprhensive equine management syllabus based on the BHS Stages 1 & 2 theory knowledge.

Very detailed information and ideal for those aiming to expand their knowledge and even suitable for the motivated novice..

All aspects of the management of equines in a stable environment are covered including tack, bitting, pasture management, psychology & behaviour, etc.

Additional information

Payment options: Payable in full, or in 3/6 instalments by standing order via the horse-care website enrolment system.

Open to all standards and backgrounds providing some little equine management has been achieved prior to enrolment.

The Level 1 & 2 course material in this programme is presented in a non text book manner.
Plain English is used and technical terms are explained.

The presentation of these courses makes this programme ideal for the mature student who may not have studied for some years.

Career opportunities:

Professional Groom specialising in nutrition. Livery Yard Management. Preparation for the British Horse Society Stages 1 & 2 exams or the Association of British Riding Schools Levels 1 & 2 and Grooms Certificate. Riding Instructor. Horse Trainer.
Contact person: Paula Clements

Intermediate Diploma in Equine Management (Feeding)

£ 384 VAT inc.