Introduction to Fund Management


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If you are looking to learn more about fund management, this is the course for you.

This two day interactive programme is designed to offer insight into the working practices of today’s fund managers – the buyside of the industry. The emphasis of this seminar will be on the practical, not the theoretical.

The content will cover how managers invest across the traditional investable universe (bonds, equities & related derivatives), as well as how they deal with the inherent everyday risks in the market. The course will also cover how to incorporate alternative investments like hedge funds into mainstream portfolios.

There will be hands-on training in how to construct portfolios, including a study of the main products portfolio managers use and an emphasis on how to assist with the needs the HNWI as client.

The course will also cover index futures- hedging, margin requirements, options trading, and strategies for equity fund managers.

Discounts are available for multiple participants: 3-4 participants; 15% discount per participant; 5-6 participants: 20% discount per participant; 7-8 participants: 25% discount per participant; 9 or more participants: 30% discount per participant.



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City Of London (London)
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Start date

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  • Fund Management
  • Finance
  • Valuation Methodology
  • Equities
  • Asset Backed Valuation
  • Efficient Markets
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Capital Asset Pricing
  • Equity Risk Premium
  • Index Funds

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Former Practitioner

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Course programme

Course Content:

Day One:

Modern Portfolio Theory and Efficient Markets as applied to today’s environment

  • Efficient Markets – Are they? Do we live in a ‘Normal’ world?
  • Behavioural Finance & its impact on current thinking
  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model and Efficient Frontiers
  • Betas and the search for Alpha
  • What should we expect from Equities? The lessons of history
  • What is the correct Equity Risk Premium now?

Case Study – Beta at work in practice

Active Equity Portfolio Management – Valuation screens

  • Which valuation methodology to choose? It depends on the sector
  • Price Earnings Ratios & PEGs
  • Dividend Yields - Equities as a source of income
  • Asset Backed valuation
  • Enterprise Values & EBITDA

Case Study – A walk through a New Issue’s Valuation criteria

Passive Portfolio Management using Exchange Traded Funds

  • ETFs & traditional Index Funds compared
  • Understanding ETFs, the replication mechanism
  • Primary (Redemption, Creation process) & Secondary markets
  • Core vs Satellite investing
  • ETF Variations on a theme - Inverse, Leveraged, Thematic, Active

Bond Portfolio Management styles

  • Interest Rate sensitivity (Modified Duration)
  • Actively or passively Managed, Sensitivity to Credit Risk
  • Maturity targeting, Gross Redemption Yield
  • Interest Rate anticipation
  • Yield Curve strategies
  • Yield/Credit spread strategies

Case Study – Comparing Sovereign Yield Spreads across the Eurozone

Day Two:

Portfolio Construction in practice

  • How have wealth managers’ invested their clients’ wealth to date?
  • Investments of ‘passion’
  • Changing asset allocation strategies in today’s markets
  • Diversification vs Correlation
  • Client profiles and model portfolios

Case Study – Putting together a Portfolio for a HNWI in practice

Using Derivatives in Portfolio Management

  • Which products do the Portfolio Managers mainly use & why?
  • Index Futures – Hedging, Margin requirements
  • Options Trading Strategies for Equity Fund Managers
  • Contracts for Difference
  • Credit Default Swaps for Bond Fund Managers

Case Study – CDS pricing in practice

Risk Measurement and Management across the Investable Universe

  • Volatility – Statistical probability and dispersion of returns
  • Fat Tails in Finance & Black Swans explained

Case Study – Volatility in practice across the Mutual Fund Universe

  • Sharpe Ratios – Risk adjusted performance measurement
  • Portfolio Optimisation and rebalancing (Excel demonstration)
  • Value at Risk

Using Alternative Investments in the Portfolio

  • Hedge Funds defined
  • Rationale for Hedge Funds in an Investors’ Portfolio. Is it still there?
  • The non-correlated Asset Class, Survivorship Bias, Drawdown
  • Leverage, Risk and Transparency
  • Institutionalisation of Hedge Funds, Index Providers – Benchmark Risk

Case Study – How do investors choose their Hedge Fund Managers?

Introduction to Fund Management

£ 3001-4000