Introduction to Hedge Funds

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Are you interested in hedge funds and how they work? Then this is the course for you. This interactive one day programme will offer an insight into probably one of the markets’ most widely misunderstood group of money managers.

More specifically, the programme will analyse the funds’ characteristics, the changing investor profile, the vast range of trading strategies pursued & finally & probably most importantly, what risk management tools are employed.

Participants will begin with the basics, learning the components of a hedge fund and its correlating external relationships, such as those with custodians and fund administrators. You will also learn what makes investors choose a particular hedge fund manager, as well as the qualities that would turn off a potential client.

The course will cover hedge fund index data and the commodities which give the best returns. You will learn about hedge fund investment styles and the tools for the analysis of financial risk – from VaR to stress testing.

Discounts are available for multiple participants: 3-4 participants: 15% discount per participant; 5-6 participants: 20% discount per participant; 7-8 participants: 25% discount per participant; 9 or more participants: 30% discount per participant.



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City Of London (London)
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Different dates availableEnrolment now open

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  • Hedge funds
  • Finance
  • Lock-ups
  • Gates
  • Hurdle Rates
  • Absolute Return
  • Performance Fees
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Custodians
  • Fund Administrators

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Former Practitioner

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Course programme

Course Content:

Hedge Funds – What are they?

  • Hedge Funds defined. Lock-ups, Gates, Hurdle Rates
  • The pursuit of Absolute Return & Performance Fees
  • How big is the Hedge Fund Universe? Smaller than it was
  • External Relationships - Prime Brokerage, Custodians, Fund Administrators
  • Tactics - Leverage & Short Selling. Regulatory intervention

Case Study – How do Investors choose their Hedge Fund Manager?

Why Hedge Funds? The Big Issues for Investors

  • Rationale for Hedge Funds in an Investors’ Portfolio. Is it still there?
  • The non-correlated Asset Class, Survivorship Bias, Drawdown
  • HNWIs leaving the ship, institutions more cautious
  • Liquidity mismatch
  • Benchmarking problems for Hedge Fund investors

Case Study – What really puts off Investors?

Hedge Fund Investment Styles - Directional

  • Overview of Style variations – Directional vs non-Directional
  • Equity Long/Short
  • Distressed Debt
  • Managed Futures
  • Global Macro

Case Study – Which Commodities would have made you the most money?

Hedge Fund Investment Styles – Non-Directional

  • Equity Market Neutral
  • Event Driven/Risk Arbitrage
  • Fixed Income/Credit Arbitrage
  • Convertible Bond Arbitrage

Case Study – Hedge Fund Style Index Performance data

Risk Management for Hedge Funds

  • Market, leverage and Credit risk
  • Political and Legal risk
  • Gap and liquidity risk, Mark-to-market risk, Style Drift risk
  • Why do Hedge Funds fail? Do not forget Operational Risk
  • Due Diligence
  • Tools for the Analysis of Financial Risk – From VaR to Stress Testing

Introduction to Hedge Funds

£ 2001-3000