Inventory Clerk Guide

Inventory Clerk Guide


Inventory Clerk Guide is a joint project of experienced inventory clerks. Our aim is to provide a high standard Inventory Clerk training combining the essential legal and safety requirements knowledge with comprehensive practical advice and a step-by-step guidance how to conduct inspections and how to list and describe all types of rooms and furniture – from bathrooms and kitchens to fireplaces and plates.

To help you remember the study material we have included a DVD to show you how the job is done in real life.

And if you wish to start your own Inventory Clerk Business our business guide will teach you step-by-step how to set up a business – from choosing a name, registration and paying taxes to pricing tactics, invoicing and finding clients.

Everything is explained in a simple manner and we have even included a DVD – How to make an Inventory Clerk website in less than an hour.

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  • Different dates available a professional standard in accordance with the legal and safety requirements. Based on the experience of other Inventory Clerks the Training Guide... Learn about: Estate Agent, Property Investment, Real Estate... More

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Advantages of studying here

Advantages of studying with our training package:
· You won’t have to wait several weeks or even months to attend a 1- or 2-days training course
· You won’t have to travel to another city to attend the course
· You can study at home or on the train to work
· We’ll send you the package immediately
· You get a DVD to show you how the job is done in a real property
· And a 2nd DVD “How to build an Inventory Clerk website”
· You get a lot for the price of £395 and there are no ongoing fees
· You can be up and running in a week