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EDEXCEL assumes that students have acquired the knowledge, understanding and skills for GCSE at Higher Tier.

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Course programme

AS Italian
Level: AS/A2

Awarding Body: EDEXCEL

Course Content:

This is the first half of the A level course. It is a stepping stone to the full A level qualification. You can take just the AS or you can decide at the end of the AS course to take the full A level. The AS will develop your Listening, Reading & Speaking skills.


The full A level is made up of the AS modules plus three more modules. You further develop your Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking skills.

Teaching Learning Methods:
Teaching methods are varied and range from whole class teaching to group work and pair work. Students have regular use of the language laboratory. Students also make extensive use of the internet and will be able to watch Italian television on the college satellite T.V. Students are encouraged to develop research skills involving the library, the internet and the facilities of the Italian Cultural Institute. Italian is used as the teaching medium where appropriate.

Key Skills:
Students have the opportunity to develop the following skills: communication, Information Technology and working with others.


Unit 1: Listening and Writing

You will be given a question paper/answer booklet and an individual cassette. You will have personal control of the cassette. The cassette will contain about 5 minutes of authentic material. The reading material will include items such as extracts from magazines, reports and books.

You will do a range of exercises which will require mainly short and some longer answers in Italian.

Unit 2: Reading and Writing

This module is based on answering questions both on Italian and English based on short extracts and texts.

Unit 3: Speaking (35 minutes)

You will give a short presentation on the topic which has interested you the most. You will then discuss your topic with the examiner (10/12 minutes).


Unit 6: Listening, Reading, and Writing (2.30 hours)

You will be given a question paper/answer booklet and an individual cassette. The cassette will contain about 7 minutes of authentic material. The reading material will include extracts from magazines, reports and books. The exercises will require some short but mainly long answers in Italian. There will also be translation from Italian to English.

Unit 5: Writing (2 hours).

You will answer two questions in Italian demonstrating in each an in-depth knowledge of one of the set texts, literary or non literary topics prescribed for study.

Unit 4: Speaking (15 minutes)

This test has two parts. The discussion on the text will last 5 minutes. You will take part in a general conversation based on 2 or 3 of the topics studied during the A2 course for unit 4 and unit 5. This will last about 15 minutes.

Skills & Commitment:
Success requires:

· Regular Attendance - the course is designed for 155 hours of tuition at AS & 185 hours at A2.

· Punctuality.

· 3 hours of private study per week.

· An interest in current affairs.

· Regular attendance at classes.

Post A2, students have the option of studying languages in their own right or alongside other subjects. In the global market there is virtually no career in which qualifications in a modern language does considerably enhance employability.

Complimentary Subjects:
Italian is compatible with all subjects and is of particular interest to those interested in the business world, literature, film, journalism etc.

AS Italian

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