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At JAM, we are truly and utterly PASSIONATE about people and what makes you tick. Honestly!We provide a wide range of management, leadership, sales and personal development solutions, through open courses, in-company workshops, consultancy and outsource partnerships.At JAM, we've made it our mission to continuously develop and deliver powerful solutions that help you to achieve the ultimate levels of success in all areas of your businessMore importantly... we dont do things like everyone else. Old school training is over! Experiencial learning and emotional and psychological development has replaced the old "chalk and talk" borefest!We create courses to teach, inspire and develop people in all areas of business using accelerated learning techniques, NLP and performance psychology as well as the most important element of any training course...FUN!

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NLP Training course in London
JAM Global Limited
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  • London
  • 1 Day

...(controlling your emotional state) - Achieving goals – programming them into your unconscious mind - Collapsing anchors (removing the emotion from certain triggers or memories)... Learn about: Anger Management, Stress Management, Body Language... More

£ 35
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