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...Introduces contect for Advanced java programmers, usually developing large scale applications, frameworks or libraries. This course is mostly labs (around 60%), the rest is discussions and presentation. We mostly use the newest version of Java for this course, but it can also be delivered... Learn about: Oriented Programming, Communication Training, XML training... More

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  • Bristol

...at bringing best practices in JavaScript programming and highlight the most common mistakes. An important point of the training is to discuss the available... Learn about: Advanced Programming, Advanced Internet, Object oriented Programming... More

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  • Bristol

...Nodes, and Atomic Values Type Checking in XQuery Automatic Type Conversions Sequence Types Constructors and Casting Prolog and Module Structure of a Query... Learn about: XML training... More

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  • Bristol

...strategy/Plan POC (Proof of Concept) Requirements gathering Understanding of various performance tests. Capacity Planning test Benchmark Test Fail-over/Fail-back... Learn about: IT Development... More

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  • Bristol

...Publishing Service virtualization Security Service Pooling... Learn about: XML training, J2ee training... More

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  • Bristol

...Audience: Typically a Project Manager,Aanalyst, Developer or anyone who needs: Explore the node.js framework and architecture Explore Express.js as a solution for web development Assess Node.js & Express.js as solutions for web development Advantages and disadvantages over Java To have a... Learn about: Web Development, Quality Training... More

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  • Bristol

...code Reading and analyzing bytecode Quick tour of the source code of the Lua VM C modules Calling C from Lua Search path and loading of C modules Calling... More

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  • Bristol

...developers, PL / SQL who already have experience with the language, and who want to systematize their knowledge and learn advanced mechanisms and solutions... Learn about: Database training... More