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Adamson'S Karate Studios, 8109 W. Kingston St. Suite 100, Avon, IN 46123, Avon, England
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Starts On request
Adamson'S Karate Studios, 8109 W. Kingston St. Suite 100, Avon, IN 46123, Avon, England
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Course programme

Childrens Program

Training in our children's program can play a positive role in your child's development on multiple levels!

When Shihan Adamson opened his first Karate Studio in 1977, he immediately started working on a program that would allow him to work with his kids to develop things he felt were important. It included classes taught at a child's level with character as an important component. Now, thirty years later we have the end product of that seminal work.

Our Kids Program is designed for children who are aged six and up. We love this program because we believe that it can help your child's overall development in a number of ways.

These include, but are not limited to:

1. Making your child comfortable with a disciplined environment. Our classes are disciplined. Your child will be taught to keep on her toes, be punctual and to stay within the borders of acceptable behavior and bearing.
2. Introduce your child to the concept of goal setting and goal achieving. We have a special built-in program that will reward your child for attained goals. You will see them light up when they are recognized by their Sensei for a job well done.
3. Encourage him to distinguish between fun times and work times. Our students are taught to be where they are.
4. Sports development. We have a great program on the physical side too. Your child will be challenged to improve her over all athleticism. Most every thing we do in class will apply to all other sports.
5. Develop a greater measure of self-control. This is important in any area of life including relationships and school.
6. Bring positive behavior changes back into the home. We have a program in place that will help influence your child's behavior at home. It works great!
7. Develop basic self-defense skills and Karate foundational skills. After all, this is Martial Arts. We are Old School when it comes to this. Our Black Belt Candidates are expected (and do) raise to a high level of perfection as well as physical and psychological toughness.

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