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Batheaston (Avon)
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School Lane,Northend, BA1 7EN


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Course programme

Kung Fu

The Academy has a syllabus & grade system designed to take you from the very first steps of learning through to the highest levels of Kung Fu.

The journey starts with understanding the fundamentals of Kung Fu and creates a solid base from which to grow, these include;

- Combat Concepts & skill acquisition drills Kicking
- Punching (Various Animal striking hands)
- Low Kicks
- Blocking & deflecting (inclusive of breaking off grabs)
- Knee attacks, Sweeps & Leg traps
- Stances & ‘Walking form’

Once the above knowledge has been achieved, we move into the various systems of Kung Fu & weapons.

Key Areas of martial study

- Forms
- Body conditioning
- Pugilism
- Chin Na (locks and holds)
- Di Mak (vital point striking)
- Grappling and down fighting
- Integrated Chi Gong
- Bridging (physical and physiological)
- Strategy
- Meditation

Additional information

Payment options: Option 1 - One Class a week - Adults - £28 per month (Class length 1½ hours) - Juniors - £22 per month (Class length 45 mins) Option 2 - Two Classes a week - Adults - £38 per month

Kung Fu

Price on request