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Course programme

Law involves the study of the main principles of the English legal system and law making process, criminal law, tort law and contract law. There is no coursework.

Topics covered at AS and A level include:
  • Law making parliamentary, delegated legislation, statutory interpretation, judicial precedent
  • the legal system the courts, the legal profession, the judiciary, legal funding, magistrates and juries
  • criminal liability - the non-fatal offences of assault, battery, ABH, wounding and GBH
  • tort law negligence, liability for defective goods, occupiers liability, nuisance and vicarious liability
  • contract law - formation and discharge, terms and exclusion clauses, misrepresentation and remedies.

Students need to be interested in current legal issues and prepared to discuss their views in class. There are visits to courts in Birmingham, law conferences and an opportunity to participate in the Bar National Mock Trial competition as part of the college enrichment programme. In the summer term students are invited to join visits to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham and the Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice in London.

No previous knowledge of law is needed. Law can be usefully combined with many subjects. It may provide career opportunities in business, commerce, local government and the legal profession.


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