Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action


Leadership in Action as a CMI (Chartered Management Institute) approved centre is commited to working with organisations to ensure they achieve their strategic and business goals.

Our clients recognise the need to take responsibility to ensure their leaders and managers have the skills, knowledge and most importantly can translate their knowledge into action and perform to the best of their ability to demonstrate business impact.

Working from team leader through to strategic manager we work in partnership with our clients to:-

- enhance business performance
- create engaged, motivated leaders and managers
- improve line manager coaching skills
- increase retention rates - lower recruitment costs
- identify and develop talent to support succession planning
- provide professional recognition and enhanced corporate reputation

All our programmes clearly demonstrate ROI for our clients.

Advantages of studying here

Leadership in Action enjoys working with clients who, like us, take responsibility for the development of people.

All our programmes are designed specifically to enable managers from team leader through to strategic manager to be able to build their skills to improve business performance.

Given that our programmes are so practical and relate directly to our client business, our client is able to see the return on investment (ROI) and is able to clearly justify the spend on developing their people.

Areas of specialisation

All management and leadership subject areas, including coaching for better performance for line managers.

Project Management

Pyschometric testing

Team building

Strategic Board Development