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Did you always hate vocab tests at school? Do you wish that you could remember simple words and phrases when you're on holiday abroad? With this course you will be able memorize any vocab you like, wherever you are!Well now you can! With this course you will be introduced to a new form of memorization for any language. Following Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method will mean that you are able to recall huge amounts of information with incredible ease

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· What are the objectives of this course?

Enjoy better holidays with more enriching cultural experiences
Become more employable
Be able to read foreign websites and newspapers
Let your mind become more creative and capable of thinking in new and exciting ways 
Over 3 hours of video lectures!
Ideal for anyone who is looking to learn languages and is willing to experiment

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Course Objectives
My Story

The Blueprint
Memory Palaces
Generating locations
More on locations
Final notes on location
Preparation and predetermination

Word Division
A Spanish Example
Generating enthusiasm


Making life easier
Lowering the hurdle
Imaginary spaces
Close your eyes to memorize

Further techniques
Big Box Stores
Using video games
Time management
Excel files
Memorize more than one
The Ultimate Memorization Equation!

Accessing foreign tongues

Secrets to other languages
The secrets to other alphabets
The Greek alphabet
The Russian alphabet
Tandem walkthrough

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