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£ 795 + VAT


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    Short course

  • Methodology

    Distance Learning

Suitable for: Developers and educators.

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Course programme


I Learner will help you develop more independent learners and thinkers.

I Learner comes with twenty one hour lessons each with a detailed lesson structure and everything in place. The material is easy to access, is differentiated and provides you with over 80 high quality original resources.

Available as one easy to load disc which is compatible with all school systems, I Learner also gives you:

-an explanatory teacher manual
-20 lessons each with hyperlinked resources
-downloadable posters, learning cartoons and tools
-Flash resources for your whiteboard
-guidance on PLTS, SEAL and Scottish Competencies

I Learner has been designed to help take your learners from teacher dependence to learner independence. It provides your learners with the means to reflect on how and why they learn. Amongst the engaging and exciting content you will find:

-Getting To Know You – building confidence
-What Does Great Learning Look Like – the basics
-Better Communicators – helping each other learn
-Do You Speak ‘Learnese’ – building a vocabulary
-Meet Your Memory – simple fun techniques
-Where And When I Learn
-How I Go About Learning
-Who I Learn With
-Why I Learn
-Which Methods Suit Me
-Learner Bingo – pulling it all together
-My Learning Goals – coaching each other
-Meet Your Brain – looking after ourselves
-Our Learning Cycle – how to learn in lessons
-Beat The Teacher – planning your own learning
-All about Learner Super Heroes – attributes for life
-Learner Super Heroes at work – improving ourselves
-Real Super Heroes – learning from role models
-Our Learning Journey – what have we learned
-Our Learning Journey Presentation – how do we get even better

Additional information

Payment options: L2 Observe costs £1690 for secondary schools; £695 for primary schools. There is also an annual site licence fee of £95.

I Learner

£ 795 + VAT