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Important information

Typology Training
Level Beginner
Methodology Distance Learning
Class hours 250h
Duration Flexible
Start Different dates available
Delivery of study materials Yes
Personal tutor Yes
  • Training
  • Beginner
  • Distance Learning
  • 250h
  • Duration:
  • Start:
    Different dates available
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Personal tutor

Beginner to Intermediate Learning Level
Lingfield Equine care & management distance learning course on a step by step basis.
Provides detailed information on horse care in easy to read non text book language.
Considered the most comprehensive equine care course available at this level.
Based on the British Horse Society Stages 1 and some Stage 2 theory knowledge.
7 modules with both self assessed and tutor checked assignments, multiple learning tasks and research projects.
Friendly one to one tutor for every student.

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Distance Learning


Different dates availableNow taking bookings

To take into account

· What are the objectives of this course?

Provides you with the confidence to care for a horse or horses in the knowledge that you are doing things correctly with the horses best interest at heart. On completion of this Lingfield course with the multiple learning tasks and research projects, you will have gained a good all round knowledge of the care and management of a stabled horse. The knowledge gained will provide the theory required for the professional British Horse Society Stage 1 exam. You will have the confidence to look for employment at a stables to gain the practical skills. An optional certificate on completion provides proof of your learning and of your motivation to study and improve your skills.

· Who is it intended for?

Suitable for all standards of knowledge from more experienced owners wishing to broaden or update their knowledge to the weekly rider wanting to learn more about horses. A stepping stone to the first stages of professional grooms or instructors and coaches qualifications. Mature students welcomed. Ideal for possible pre Neet youngsters - shared course option - see website. Suitable for parents who are new to pony owing. Overseas students with a reasonable standard of written English are welcomed.

· Requirements

No entry requirements An interest in horses and their care. Ownership of a horse is not required. Access to equines is very helpful. Some research skills required Motivation to achieve.

· Qualification

A Lingfield Level 1 Equine Care & Management Certificate.

· What marks this course apart?

The only equine distance learning course with totally flexible completion dates - no rush - no hassle. You can take a break if life gets hectic - pick up again when things have calmed down. Work at your own speed and in your own time. A friendly, non text book approach to learning and studying. Personal one to one tutor support for every student. Non text book approach with easy to read course material. Mature students welcomed. School age students accepted on a shared course basis if required by the school/training organisation. Ideal for possible pre Neet youngsters. All tutors hold British Horse Society instructors and coaching qualifications. We genuinely care about horses and those taking our courses. Our Tutors support and offer advice to students on horse related questions both during and after the course. The Lingfield courses are aimed not only at those aiming to work in the industry but also at those who require practical and broad ranging information on equine management in real life – perhaps for the horse owner or yard manager. This provides the student with a genuine and workmanlike knowledge as opposed to providing a more restrictive career pathway for students whose aim is purely to achieve exam results and qualifications.

· What happens after requesting information?

Email us today with any questions and we will respond within the hour if the office is open or as soon as we can. Or: Enrol on the website, your course is activated immediately. You will receive an automated email with a download link to the first of 7 pdf course files. • When paying in instalments, as soon as you confirm set up of payments as per the automated email, if the office is open we will activate your course as above. The course files and assignments are in pdf and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar pdf reader to work with them. Complete the course work, research projects and first assignment. Request the subsequent course files as per procedures provided on enrolment. Mail your tutor for help and advice whenever you need to - we are here to help. You have as much or as little contact with your tutor as you wish.

· Is it a professional, accredited or recognised course?

No distance learning courses alone will offer professional qualifications for working in a hands on capacity with horses. These distance learning courses are not therefore accredited by the government for professional qualifications. However, Lingfield has long been recognised within the industry and has been established as a course training provider since 1996.

· How long do I have to complete a course?

Lingfield is the only course provider in the equestrian industry to offer totally flexible completion dates - you take as long as you need. There is no fixed time for completion. You work at your own speed and in your own time. You may take a break from your studies if life gets hectic and pick it up again when life calms down. All we ask is that you maintain contact every 18 months.

· Is there someone I can call on for help during my course

Is there someone on whom I can call for help and advice during my course? Yes, every student has their own personal tutor on whom they can call at any time by email (or phone) during their course. The tutor is usually able to offer help even after you have completed your course. We are here to help you.

· How long do most people take to complete their course?

Most people who work, have a family and horse etc., work on 1 module a month - many are able to work more quickly than that. This course has 7 modules.

· Can I share a course with a friend?

Yes, Level 1 is a course you can share. Both students must enrol online via the website - both must email the Lingfield office directly. Only one set of course files will be sent. The Sharers fee is £50 payable directly via bank payment. Note: Schools/training organisations enrolling students must provide a responsible adult to handle communications with the Lingfield office. Course files are pdf encrypted. Some email addresses will not immediately accept encrypted files owing to security settings. An alternative address may be required after enrolment.

· Can I print the course material?

Yes - you may print one set of the course material for your own use.

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What you'll learn on the course

Theory on equine management
Equine Feeding
Equine Grooming
Basic Equine Psychology
Buying a Horse
Routines for equine management
First Aid & When to call the vet
Fields & Paddocks for Equines
Saddle & Bit fitting
Rugg & Tack Fitting

Teachers and trainers (2)

Fiona Dent
Fiona Dent
BHS Essential Horse Knowledge Tutor & Course Consultant

BHSII,SC,T, RDAI BHS - Senior Coach UKCC Level 3 UKCC Assessor Fiona Dent Pony Club examiner, NVQ assesser. South East Region Dressage Co-ordinator RDA, Training Adviser, Fiona fits family commitments in with organising area Dressage for the RDA with her training &freelance clients on Kent, Surrey Sussex borders. An instructor with 30 years teaching experience, she friendly & approachable. Excelling with the difficult horse or pony and with nervous riders. Fiona has a varied skillbase amongst them are the fact she competed to GP level dressage and worked with competiton driving ponies

Paula Clements
Paula Clements
Course Director

Course programme

Equine Care & Management
Level 1

Considered the most comprehensive equine care course available at this level. 7 modules with assignments, multiple learning tasks and research projects.

  • Equine psychology and behaviour.
  • Care and requirements of the stabled horse.
  • Modern practices and general care relating stress.
  • Modern bedding materials, their management and uses. +*
  • Importance of routine relating to a stable yard and stabled horses.
  • Safety in stable, yard and when handling, riding and caring for equines.
  • Health & Safety in relation to equine management.
  • Points of the Horse+* Breeds and Types+* Colours and Markings+*
  • Buying a new horse/pony for the 1st or 2nd time buyer.
  • What to do when your new horse arrives.
  • Passports for horses. Approved Livery Yards.
  • Livery Yard guidance.
  • Sample livery contracts.
  • Reasons for shoeing & regular farrier visits.
  • Problems caused by irregular attention to feet.
  • Grooming – Reasons and principles.
  • Strapping and quartering.
  • Signs of Health and Ill Health.
  • When to call the vet. The horses relationship with the vet.
  • 1st Aid. Know the Norm.
  • Minor injuries and ailments – modern products for injuries+*
  • Feeding and Watering – Rules and explanations.
  • Types of Feed and their uses
  • Cereals / straights mixes & cubes/nuts – what to use and when.
  • Feeding for light work.
  • Manufacturer’s advertising leaflets+*
  • Feed products +* Names and what they mean.
  • Hay, Haylage, Horsehage – the differences – use and storage.
  • Care of the horse at grass.
  • Fields and Paddocks suitable for horses and ponies.
  • Worming – modern approaches, lab tests.+*
  • Tack & tack fitting – nosebands/martingales etc.+*
  • Rugs and rugging – fitting of rugs in detail.
  • Bits & bitting. Types and reasons for use. Importance of fit.+*
  • Care of tack. Problems cause by ill-fitting tack.
  • Saddles & saddle fitting * in depth saddle fitting assignment.
  • Practical: 30 minute Tack Session required – see below.
  • Road Safety* courtesy.
  • Preparation for road riding.
  • Towing Trailers.
  • Returning from a ride – Care of the hot horse – modern approaches+*

+* Denotes research project is also required.

Additional information

Payment via the website provides immediate start
Instalments 3 x £70 / 5 x £42

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