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    5 Days


This course covers all aspects of the locksmith trade.
Suitable for: All those wishing to embark on a career as a locksmith.




National Trades Academy, Unit 6, 34 Star Lane, SS3 0PJ


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hi can you tell me if this locksmith course goverement funded as im unemployed
It is not. Browse for this courses here https://www.emagister.co.uk/government-funded/
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Course programme

Locksmith Course Outline 5 Day Locksmith Course
£875 + VAT

Day 1 Agenda - Cylinders
  • Health and Safety
  • Cylinder Identification - Euro, Rim, Screw in, Scandinavian
  • Garage Locks - Wafer Locks
  • Profiles and Brands
  • Stripping down a Rim cylinder
  • Fitting and swapping a Rim cylinder, Euro cylinder & a Night latch
  • Fresh fit of a Night latch and Rim cylinder
  • Gaining entry to cylinders and garage locks -
  • (Picking, battery, electric, mica, letter box tool snib & key extraction)
  • Keys snapped in lock?
  • Snapper tool & drill out
  • Pin & Key alike rim cylinders & pinning kits
Day 2 Agenda - Levers
  • 2/3 & 5 Lever Locks Identification
  • 5 Lever British Standard to External door, for insurance purposes
  • Why lock surveys are required to meet minimum insurance spec, window locks etc
  • What makes a British Standard 5 lever lock
  • Number of combinations on levers
    • Anti drill plate
    • Anti saw bolt
    • Anti Pick collar
    • Striping down lever locks
  • Identify the component
  • Lever reading of locks
  • Key cuts heights and key gauges
  • Fit a 5 lever including the furniture from scratch into wood on vice or door if prepared
  • Picking and Jigglers 2/3 & 5 levers
  • Show 2 in 1 pick
  • Making own picks with wires
  • Drilling the bolt stump and a lever lift on most popular easy mortice lock
Day 3 Agenda - UPVC and DIGI Locks
  • UPVC Repairs.
  • Handle Replacements and Identification.
  • Scissor Hinges, replacement and measurements.
  • Window furniture and locking mechanisms, mushrooms and hooksLocking mechanism.
  • Door spreader kit and air wedge.
  • Deglaze PVC Panel or glass and measure for a replacement.
  • Toe and heel a door as not shutting or locking properly.
  • Digi locks, different types and fresh fit demonstration.
  • Reset the code on the digi lock.
  • Side pick the unican digi lock as a lever lift.
  • Service a digi lock.
Day 4 Agenda - Mortice lock recognition and picking
  • Create your very own locksmith bible and take measurements for over 20 of the most popular locks
  • Measure bolt and stump and lever lift dependent of which side of the door the lock is placed
  • Left or right?
  • Identify the key features of the lock by the keyhole only
  • Take the key gauge first
  • Anti pick collar
  • Colour of lock
  • Dimples any distinguishing features
  • Measure up and left or right in MM for the bolt stump and lever lift
  • Cut your own blanks to throw the bolt on 5 of the most popular locks
  • Strip out and reliever a Chubb 5 lever lock
  • Make your own picks out of welding wire
  • Drill out the bolt stump and drill for a lever lift on the 5 most popular locks
  • Practise lifting and picking
  • Practise 2 in 1 pick on an anti pick collar locks
Day 5 Agenda - Pinning, Dungeon and Test day
  • Pinning, key alike rim cylinders, plug followers all trainees to key alike 2 rim cylinders
  • Master Keying system
  • Cutting own house keys on key machine
  • Written exam - To be organised
  • Refresher, 1 to 1 and practise fore the dungeon after lunch
  • Dungeon and Stopwatch
  • 2 Lever, 3 Lever, Garage lock, 2 rim cylinders, padlocks, 7 pin, filing cabinet lock, Ingersoll opening, letter box tool on UPVC, and slip wooden door
  • Certificate awards, tool sales, membership application and ID cards, plus premier line


£ 875 + VAT