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MA Directing is a four year integrated Masters course which equips you with the artistic and technical skills suitable for work or for further training in theatre, film, television and radio. Working closely with BA Acting, the course gives you a deep understanding of the acting process and a common language with performers.
This course is part of the Drama & Performance Programme.
Great reasons to apply
You will benefit from conservatoire training in directing informed, primarily by Drama Centre’s distinctive approach to the Stanislavsky system, but including other influential methodologies
You will engage in a range of collaborations with acting, writing and design students across the Drama and Performance Programme
You will work both collaboratively and independently. Working alongside actors as part of an ensemble you will learn the importance of your creative contribution to the collective endeavour
MA Directing is taught and mentored by highly experienced tutors who have strong and active links to the professions enabling you to benefit from their expertise and provide you with high quality professional placements during your studies
An impressive number of graduates are working in the theatre and film industries, both in Britain and internationally.
Open days
The next round of open days will take place early December 2017. Please check back here by mid November 2017 to book a place online.




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Entry requirements
Entry to MA Directing is highly competitive. Selection to the course is determined by the quality of the application: this is indicated primarily in the quality of your interview and practical work .
Minimum entry requirements
Applicants are normally expected to have achieved, or be expected to achieve, the course entry requirements details below:
A Foundation Diploma in Performance (level 3 or 4)
A pass in 1 GCE A Level
3 Passes at GCSE (grade C or above)
Passes in 2 GCE A Levels
3 Passes at GCSE (grade C or above)

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Course programme

Course detail

All applicants considered for September 2017 entry will be applying for the newly revalidated version of the course. Further detailed information will be published as it becomes available however the focus of the course remains the same.

Highly vocational and intensive, MA Directing at Drama Centre London prepares you for direct entry to the directing profession while laying the foundations for a successful career in directing across different media.

Distinctive features of this Integrated Masters course include:

  • Intensive career focus as a professional director
  • Close links with the acting course at the Drama Centre London and collaboration with student designers, filmmakers and others from within Central Saint Martins and the University of the Arts London
  • Strong contacts with the profession, including regular visits by distinguished practitioners either as lecturers, visiting professors or directors
  • Extensive placements with theatre, film and television companies
  • A methodological approach based on the work and achievements of leading artists and teachers from 20th century European and other international traditions
  • A balanced approach to repertoire, covering the classics and contemporary theatre and with a strong emphasis on the screen
  • Options for specialising in directing for either theatre or the recorded media based on a common foundation in acting
  • An option to graduate with a BA Honours degree after three years.

MA Directing runs for 144 weeks full time over four years, and is divided into four Levels, (or Stages) each lasting 36 weeks (30 weeks of study and 6 of production/performance in the first three years). The whole course is credit-rated at 480 credits, with 120 credits at each Level (Stage).

Under the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications the Levels for an Integrated Masters are: Level 4 (which is stage 1 of the course), Level 5 (Stage 2), Level 6 (Stage 3) and Level 7 (Stage 4).

There is a progression point at the end of each Level and in order to progress, all units of the preceding Level must normally be passed.

The awards of Cert HE following successful completion of Year 1 and DipHE at Year 2 are normally offered if a student is unable to continue on the course. Students will be able to exit with an award of BA (Honours) following successful completion of Year 3 if unable to continue on the course. However, it is expected that students will continue through to the final Masters award.

To gain a BA (Honours) the student must successfully complete 360 credits, including 60 Level 6 credits and 60 Level 7 credits. The final award is comprised of the weighted marks from Level 6 and Level 7 credits achieved during the third year of the course.

To gain an MA the student must successfully complete an additional 120 credits. The final award is comprised of marks from Level 7 units only, weighted according to their credits.

Course dates

Autumn term:
Monday 24 September 2018 – Friday 7 December 2018
Spring term:
Monday 7 January 2019 – Friday 15 March 2019
Summer term:
Monday 15 April 2019 – Friday 21 June 2019

Course outline

The course is structured as an organic process of development over four years. Each stage of the course is an essential part of this process and is a necessary preparation for each subsequent stage. All elements are therefore compulsory.

You will be required to study the core disciplines of acting, directing and rehearsal techniques to develop your own approach to directing. Many of the activities in these disciplines are concerned with ‘finding your voice as a director’. In practical exercises, in theoretical seminars, in workshops and rehearsals, you are engaged in a constant dialogue between your personal view of the creative process and inherited tradition. At first, the weight of tradition may seem burdensome - you will gradually learn to appreciate its lessons whilst striving to maintain your originality against its backdrop.

It will be helpful to think of the Course as having a spiral structure. At the start of Stage One you begin to work through a series of relatively straightforward exercises and tasks. As the Course progresses you will find yourself regularly revisiting and returning to these; but each time you return you will be encouraged to reach progressively deeper levels of the work, which will challenge you more and more and make still greater demands on you. In this way your learning experience within the Course accumulates, gradually and steadily. You will also become increasingly able to critically and creatively reflect upon what you are doing and why you are doing it. This will enable you to analyse your work and what you are learning in more depth, so that you can confront and challenge it.

Programme specification: MA Directing (PDF 120kb)


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Course Leader: Anthony Clark
Associate Lecturer, Radio Directing:David Angus
Associate Lecturer, Acting and Directing: Aoife Smythe
Associate Lecturer, Text and Voice: Alex Bingley
Associate Lecturer, Acting and Directing for Camera: Bill Britten
Associate Lecturer, Contextual Studies: Nigel Gearing
Associate Lecturer, Acting/Year Tutor: Oleg Mirochnikov
Associate Lecturer, Movement: Liana Nyquist
Associate Lecturer, Character Analysis: Tim Robins
Associate Lecturer, Film Production: Virginia Roncoroni
Associate Lecturer, Film Direction and Production: Michael Bray
Associate Lecturer, Ballet: Glen Snowden
Associate Lecturer, Visual Awareness: Dylan Stone
Associate Lecturer, Acting and Directing: Annie Tyson
Associate Lecturer, Sound Creation: John White
Associate Lecturer, Voice: Emma Woodvine

Visiting Professional: Piers Haggard
Visiting Professional: Philip Hedley
Visiting Professional: Tim Klotz
Visiting Professional: Julie Lambden
Visiting Professional: Adrian Noble
Visiting Professional: Ben Ormerod
Visiting Professional: David Parfitt
Visiting Professional: Sue Parrish
Visiting Professional: Aoife Smyth
Visiting Professional: Barbara Stone
Visiting Professional: Agnes Treplin
Visiting Professional: Matthew Warchus

MA Directing

£ 9,250 VAT inc.