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Make-up Artist
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Course Summary

Are you drawn to the glamour and buzz of the entertainment world? Turn your eye for beauty into a rewarding career today!

Ready for your close-up? The challenging role of the make-up artist brings high financial returns as well as the opportunity to join the glamorous entertainment world. Skilled Make-Up Artists are vital to the TV, film, advertising and fashion industries, but also enjoy employment opportunities in hairdressing, cosmetics and the medical field.

Amateur talents break into the business every day, although competition remains fierce. You'll need to master the entire range of modern cosmetic techniques if you're going to succeed. DCA Home Learning's Make-up Artist course can give you the advantage you need.

Could you really join those backstage magicians who are paid to "create a face" each day? Most women are familiar with cosmetics and many develop everyday make-up techniques by the time they leave school. The skills needed to do your own face are just the beginning for those interested in joining the exciting world of the professional make-up artist.

DCA's Introduction to Make-Up Artistry Diploma course is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur looking for a career change and also at the established professional make-up artist looking to keep up to date with modern techniques and skincare products.

DCA's diploma introductory course for make-up artists means fresh professional opportunities, building greater confidence in the amateur. It delivers a thorough grounding in the basics, exploring traditional techniques and modern cosmetics. You'll cover brand new methods providing you with the knowledge, skills and techniques.

Make-up Artist Course Outline

Make-Up Artists are unsung champions in the entertainment field, the fashion industry and the world of beauty. Are you ready to join them? The work is tough, competitive and demanding but it offers glamour, excitement, overseas travel and a potentially very lucrative career for those with skills and talent.

Whether you're planning to turn kids into ogres for the school play, or are already working in the theatre, DCA's new Introduction to Make-Up Artistry course will bring you up to speed on the latest developments while putting a new polish your existing talents. You'll be encouraged to experiment, spurred to enhance your knowledge and learn how to produce better quality results on a regular basis.

Introduction To Make-up Artistry

  • Skin care and skin types
  • Make-up products and the kit
  • Make-up application
  • Individual make-up looks
  • Colour relationships
  • Face structures
  • Character make-up for screen and stage
  • Casting, moulding and special effects
  • Hair products and the hair kit

Module 1: Text: The Make-up and Beauty Book by Leigh Toselli

  • The skin-care basics
  • The beauty routine
  • Identifying skin problems and special treatments
  • Skin ageing and age-prevention
  • Make-up application tools
  • Choosing and applying foundations, concealers and powders
  • Tired eye rescue techniques
  • Shaping eyebrows
  • Making-up eyes and eyelashes
  • Lip care and lipstick application
  • Blusher application
  • Individual make-up looks

Module 2: Text: The Technique of the Professional Make-up Artist by Vincent J-R Kehoe

  • Screen and stage production methods
  • Mediums and colour relationships
  • The Make-up Department
  • Make-up products and the kit
  • Faces and their structures
  • Straight make-up
  • Personal revitalisation techniques

Module 3: Text: The Technique of the Professional Make-up Artist by Vincent J-R Kehoe

  • Character make-up
  • Age with make-up
  • Racial and national aspects
  • Period and historical characters
  • Special and popular characters
  • Casting and moulding

Module 4: Text: The Technique of the Professional Make-up Artist by Vincent J-R Kehoe

  • Latex and plastic appliances
  • Special make-up effects
  • Hair products and the hair kit
  • Types of hair and their uses
  • Hair application techniques
  • Wigs, falls and other hairpieces
  • Attaching and removing hairpieces

This home study course is specifically designed to serve as in introduction or enhancement of the theoretical knowledge required for the vocational application of this subject. It is intended to help individuals in the furtherance of their vocational training and is not intended as a substitute for licensing or certification requirements, which may include an apprenticeship or additional training.

Make-up Artist Career Opportunities

Make-up artists prepare hair and make-up for performers and models who appear in front of an audience - whether it be live or in front of a camera. This could be for film and television, theatre, music concerts and photographic shoots.

Make-up artists can work alone, as an assistant to a more senior colleague or as part of a make-up design team. The work can include:

· designing make-up and hairstyles for a particular production
· following detailed designs or working with a rough outline
· applying corrective make-up
· hair styling
· fitting hairpieces and prosthetics
· keeping notes and photographs to maintain continuity
· standing by on set to re-do make-up and hair

Make-up artists work closely with production designers, costume designers, camera and lighting crew and performers.

Make-up Artist Learning Method

Learn to be a Professional Make-Up Artist at home in your spare time, using proven learning methods perfected by DCA - leaders in the field of home learning.

Home learning is a convenient way of earning a DCA Make-Up Artist diploma at a pace and time that suits your lifestyle.

Thousands of people enrol in home learning courses every day.

With DCA, you can study when you feel like it. This might be relaxing in the comfort of your own home, relaxing on the sofa. It may be on a train or in the park on a hot summer day.

Your materials are delivered directly to your home in bite-sized chunks, which means that you can take them wherever you want to.

As you have all the materials to study your Make-Up Artist course, there is no need to attend any Make-Up classes so you are free to fit your studies around a current job and earn as you learn or balance your learning with family life, hobbies and other commitments.

As a DCA student, you will have access to your own courses tutor on a FREEPHONE helpline or if you choose by e-mail. Your tutor will be with you throughout your course.

Make-up Artist Diploma

DCA Home Learning awards a personalised diploma to all students who have successfully completed their course. Students who achieve an average score of 90% or higher will earn a "Diploma with Highest Honours."

Students undertaking an accredited course will receive the appropriate certificate from the awarding body.

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Make-up Artist

£ 459 VAT exempt