Mastech Training Limited

Mastech Training Limited


Mastech Training has been in the Electrical Training profession since 2004. The company is committed to delivering training that is centred on the success of every participant. All the staff at Mastech are industrial professionals that have progressed into teaching and training profession. Consequently, students can look forward to input that has its basis in practical experience.

The company is affiliated with and delivers courses on behalf of City and Guilds and EAL and as such undertakes external quality verifications on its teaching every year.

MasTech Training Ltd delivers training courses to the electrical engineering sector. These courses include 17th Edition Regulations, Electrical Testing, and Photovoltaic Testing and Installation. These can be delivered in Birmingham and throughout the UK.

Teachers and trainers (1)

Michael Stephenson
Michael Stephenson


The company began in 2004 to furnish the training needs of companies such as the Rover Group which had a need to update staff in 16th Edition of the wiring regulations. Since that time the company has widened its scope to include other participants including the Birmingham City Council and the Ministry of Defence.

Advantages of studying here

Mastech Training Limited’s main focus is to place the learner at the centre of the learning experience. This means training sessions deliver the content and are sensitive to what is needed to guide individual students towards success. It is a fact that not all students learn in the same way. Some participants are more visual and practical in the way they understand information, on the other hand there are individuals who prefer an academic factual approach to learning. Mastech’s staff are professionally trained educators with practical background in electrical installation. Adapting to the learning styles of the group is something the company takes pleasure in and in this way the company displays its commitment to the success of each person.

Areas of specialisation

Mastech specialises in electrical installation. Theses courses can be delivered to the absolute beginner or professional in the electrical installation field. The courses offered include: beginner training, 17th Edition Regulations, Domestic Installers Part P, Electrical Installation Testing City and Guilds 2391 and 2392, and solar panel installation.