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Typology Master
Methodology Online
Duration 2 Years
Start Different dates available
Online campus Yes
Support service Yes
  • Master
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  • Duration:
    2 Years
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    Different dates available
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Intelligent assistants, autonomous robots, self-driving cars - almost daily we can read about new spectacular successes about artificial intelligence based systems achieving what was considered impossible just a few years ago.

Innovation springs from bright minds - our international Master programme in Artificial Intelligence prepares you for an exciting career making the future happen now.

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To take into account

· What are the objectives of this course?

Graduates from our courses go to become AI Specialists building the next generation of intelligent systems, team-leaders of successful AI project teams or AI designers working on the interplay of human and artificial intelligence

· Who is it intended for?

Higher degree students

· Requirements

Prerequisites for admission: Completed undergraduate study from a public or officially recognised university/higher education institution (240 ECTS for the 60 ECTS variant, 180 ECTS for the 120 ECTS variant) For the 60 ECTS versions of the programme, students must also have completed the courses "Advanced Mathematics" and "Programming with Python" or provide comparable previous knowledge. Degree certification of at least “Befriedigend” [lower second equivalent] Proof of min. one year of relevant work experience Proof of English skills: TOEFL

· Qualification

Online degrees are becoming more common every day. The benefits of studying online are numerous such as not having to quit your job to study and saving costs on tuition fees and travel. Yes, it will require some extra motivation on your part to juggle your current job and your studies at IUBH, but through the help of our study coaches, we will ensure that we help you all the way to your graduation. Furthermore, our innovative online study model will make your life so much easier than you might think. You can study wherever and whenever you want thanks to our easily accessible and comprehensive online campus and you can start your programme immediately (and don't have to wait for strict semester enrolment times). All exams are available to take online and from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else you'd like). You can access your course contents in whichever format suits you best (podcasts, vodcasts, scripts, tutorials...). You can prolong your study duration for free if need be. And there are many more ways how our online degree makes it easy for you to reach your goal - the boost to your professional career.

· What marks this course apart?

We at IUBH strongly believe, that a great education institution can only create a successful study experience in an environment of motivation, innovation and excellence. That is why we place such a strong focus on quality - in our faculty, our courses, our services and our students. Our success story started two decades ago and it is far from finished. Every day, we strive to accomplish but one goal - to improve the quality of our services and help you achieve your professional goals. Find out more about the IUBH story, our team and our accolades.

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What you'll learn on the course

Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science
Intelligence Analysis
Computer Programming
Engineering Skills
Engineering Management
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Science
Machinery Design
Programme Planning
Project Management
Computer Security
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Linguistics

Course programme

Artficial Intelligence5Advanced Mathematics5Use Case and Evaluation5Seminar: AI and Society5Advanced Statistics5Project: AI Use Case5

Programming with Python5Machine Learning5Deep Learning5NLP and Computer Vision5Electives A (Selection of one module)

Inference and Causality5Reinforcement Learning5Software Engineering for Data Intensive Sciences5Seminar: Current Topics in AI5Electives B (Selection of one course) 10

Master Thesis & Colloquium30