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      Important information

      Typology Master
      Location Madrid (Spain)
      Class hours 1750h
      • Master
      • Madrid (Spain)
      • 1750h

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      C/López de Hoyos, 370, 28043, Madrid, Spain
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      Starts On request
      C/López de Hoyos, 370, 28043, Madrid, Spain
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      To take into account

      · Requirements

      • Official Bachelor degree. • Vocation in communication. • B2 level in English and Spanish.

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      Course programme

      Learn the techniques, tools and methods necessary to manage, develop and produce communication plans and actions in companies, corporations or organizations; public, private or non-profit. Manage different types of corporate communication, both external and internal: relations with the media, civil organizations, the government, internal memorandums, employees, suppliers, shareholders, etc. Understand the interrelations between communication and the organization strategy and objectives; the necessary coherence involving the mission, values, identity, and personality with the brand and corporate reputation objectives. You will acquire the methods, techniques and the conceptual abilities and practical skills that will help you work in a department of communication; understanding and analyzing all the problems related to the company’s communication needs; from the attention to social responsibility and good citizenship objectives to the demands for environmental sustainability of its activities. The Master in Corporate Communication is an official University degree fully adapted to the European Higher Education Space, taught in English and Spanish, that will give you the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Corporate Communication from the best academic and professional professors.

      CONTENT SUMMARY OF SUBJECTS I. Communication Industry (3 ECTS)


      • Communication Industry Analysis. (1 ECTS) (1 ECTS)• Ethics and the Communication Legal Framework (2 ECTS) (2 ECTS)

      II. Strategy and Corporate Communication (5 ECTS)


      • Applied Communication Research Methods (1 ECTS)• Strategy and Competition (2 ECTS)
      • Marketing and Corporate Communication (1 ECTS)
      • Social Responsibility and Sustainability Development (1 ECTS)

      III. Corporate Identity and Image (5 ECTS)


      • Corporate Culture and Cultural Identity. (1 ECTS)
      • Corporate Image and Reputation. (2 ECTS)
      • Brand Creation and Management. (2 ECTS)

      IV. Informative and Institutional Communication (10 ECTS)


      • Press Office and Media Relations (2 ECTS)
      • Crisis Communication (1 ECTS)
      • Public and Institutional Communication (1 ECTS)
      • Corporate Public Relations (2 ECTS)
      • Informative Communication and New Technologies (1 ECTS)
      • Internal Communication (3 ECTS)

      V. Marketing Communication (7 ECTS)


      • Advertising and Promotion. (3 ECTS)
      • Sponsorship and Patronage. (1 ECTS)
      • Event Organization . (1 ECTS)
      • Protocol. (3 ECTS)
      • Communication Plan. (1 ECTS)

      VI. Internet and new Media Communication. (3 ECTS)


      • Internet and new Media Communication. (3 ECTS)

      VII. Corporate Communication Arts. (12 ECTS)


      • Software Tools for Audiovisual, Multimedia and Graphic Design. (4 ECTS)
      • Design Fundamentals . (1 ECTS) • Corporate Visual Identity Design. (2 ECTS)
      • Publicity Graphic Design. (1 ECTS)
      • Web Design. (2 ECTS) • Spot and Corporate Video Production. (2 ECTS)

      VIII. Personal Communication Skills Workshop. (3 ECTS)


      • Personal Communication Skills Workshop (3 ECTS)
      This workshop is aimed to develop the personal communication skills of students. Students are trained in verbal, non verbal, and body language and how to confront presentations with the media (television, press conferences, etc.)

      IX. Partial Projects. (4 ECTS)


      • First Partial Project. (2 ECTS) Students elaborate a report analyzing the communication status of a real company reaching specific conclusions and proposing new strategies and communication actions.
      • Second Partial Project. (2 ECTS)
      Students develop a communication plan and integrate different actions and visual pieces. The project is presented and defended before a board of examiners integrated by communication professionals and professors.

      X. Final Master Project. (8 ECTS)

      Students develop an integrate communication plan for a real company or institution, thereby putting to use all the knowledge acquired during the Master’s programme.

      XI. Company Internship (10 ECTS)

      Once all courses are finished students will participate in a three months internship in a company or institution. The objective is to apply all the knowledge acquired during the Master in a professional environment. Internships will take place in communication departments, press offices, communication agencies, public relation agencies, interactive agencies, etc.

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