Master’s programme in Smart Energy

In Vaasa City (Finland)

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Changes and disruption of traditional power and energy systems require a new set of skills in order to realize the transition to smarter, more flexible and renewable energy systems. Next generation electrical power engineers need to understand increasing amount of different interdisciplinary interactions ranging from new technologies to customer needs and different energy policies.
In order to apply for admission to the Master’s Programme, the applicants should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field (e.g. electrical engineering, energy technology, automation technology, telecommunications engineering).




Vaasa City (Finland)
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Wolffintie 34, FI65200


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The programme consists of three blocks: 1) Smart Grids and Power Generation 2) Digitalisation 3) Business studies and provides its students good analytical skills and wide expertise about key smart energy systems enabling technologies (such as battery energy storages, microgrids, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, 5G, hybrid AC/DC systems with power electronics), future market and business models. The two-year programme leads to a Master of Science in Technology degree.

Students interested in smart energy systems, combination of new technologies and business models, and those who wish to have capabilities for creating innovative and sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Vaasa is the energy capital of the Nordic countries, and the new, multidisciplinary Master’s Programme in Smart Energy offers students the latest knowledge in ongoing energy transitions and excellent capabilities to renew the industry and create future-proof solutions for sustainable and smart energy systems.

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What you'll learn on the course

  • Lectrical engineering
  • Energy Technology
  • Automation technology
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Smart Energy
  • Project Management
  • Digitalisation
  • Digital Electronics
  • Technology
  • Analytics in Project Management

Course programme

Smart Energy, Master or Science (Technology) 120 ECTS

Your M.Sc. (Technology) degree consists of Complementary Studies, Smart Energy Studies, Business Studies and Master's Thesis.
Complementary Studies 14-16 ECTSOPIS0039 Personal Study Plan, 0 ECTSSearching for Scientific Information, 1 ECTS (if not completed in earlier University of Vaasa studies)KENG9212 Writing Academic English, 5 ECTSKSUO5111 Finnish for Foreigners I, 5 ECTS (optional language course for native Finnish speakers)

Choose at least one course from below (not included in your previous studies):ICAT3020 C and Embedded C Programming, 3 ECTSMATH1170 Probability and Statistics, 5 ECTSSTAT1010 Statistical Analysis of Contingency and Regression, 5 ECTSSTAT3120 Probability and Stochastic Processes, 5 ECTSSTAT3140 Applied Multivariate Statistics, 5 ECTSSmart Energy Studies 50 ECTSSmart Energy Studies consist of two modules: 'Smart Grids and Power Generation' and 'Digitalisation'. Students should choose at least 30 ECTS for 'Smart Grids and Power Generation' module and at least 20 ECTS for 'Digitalisation' module from courses listed below.Smart Grids and Power Generation (30 ECTS)

SATE3XXX Smart Grids - Active Networks and Microgrids, 6 ECTSSATE3XXX Power Electronic Application in Smart Grids, 5 ECTSSATE3XXX Battery Energy Storages in Smart Grids, 5 ECTSSATE3130 Smart Grid Communication, 6 ECTSENER3090 Distributed Energy Production, 4 ECTSENER3XXX Marine and Power Plant Engines, 5 ECTSENER3XXX Exhaust and Flue Gas After - Treatment Technologies, 5 ECTSENER3XXX Engine Fuels and Lubricants, 5 ECTSENER3XXX Present and Future Prospects in Energy Technology: Seminar course wth industrial viewpoint, 5 ECTSPractical Training, 1 - 5 ECTSDigitalisation (20 ECTS)
Management of Cyber Security, 5 ECTSICAT3030 Computer Simulations, 5 ECTSICAT3040 Advanced Digital Electronics, 5 ECTSICAT3060 Energy Chains Optimisation, 5 ECTSICAT3070 Evolutionary Computing, 5 ECTSICAT3120 Machine Learning, 5 ECTSICAT3160 Security of Embedded and Distributed Systems, 7 ECTSICAT3180 Applied Signal Processing, 5 ECTSICAT3110 Intelligent Robotics, 5 ECTSICT3170 SoC-FPGA, 5 ECTSBusiness Studies 25 ECTSStudents should choose at least 25 ECTS from courses below, related, for example, to future electricity and energy market structures or business models for battery energy storages.
Future Electricity and Energy Markets & Business Concepts, 5 ECTSBusiness Models for Battery Storages, 5 ECTSSmart Cities, 5 ECTSIntroduction to Energy Market Regulation, 5 ECTSEU Energy Law and Policy, 5 ECTSISAN3050 Service Design, 5 ECTSTUTA3230 Product and Service Design and Practice, 5 ECTSTUTA3120 Supply Chain Design and Management, 5 ECTSTUTA3030 Technology Management, 5 ECTSJOHT3019 Project Management, 5 ECTSISAN3040 Project Portfolio Management, 5 ECTSISAN3010 Analytics in Project Management, 5 ECTSMaster's Thesis 30 ECTS
£ 9,051 VAT inc.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

€ 10,000

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