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Typology Master
Location Loughborough
Start 15/09/2019
  • Master
  • Loughborough
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Our Materials Science and Engineering degree (MEng) course is a carefully planned academic course which meets the specific requirements of industry and the relevant professional bodies and in particular the MEng degree offers a fast track route towards Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.
Materials Science and Engineering (MEng) covers all the fundamental scientific, engineering and design aspects of Materials, their structure, properties, processing, in-service behaviour and environmental impact. Materials are at the centre of any engineering activity and lie at the heart of research and development aiming to improve performance, efficiency, sustainability and hence profitability.
Materials advancements are identified as strategically important to the UK and world economies. Materials engineers and scientists are involved with developments in high technology engineering such as aerospace, power generation, automotive sector and through all sectors of industry and consumer goods.

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Starts Location
15 Sep 2019
Loughborough University, LE11 3TU, Leicestershire, England
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Starts 15 Sep 2019
Loughborough University, LE11 3TU, Leicestershire, England
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What you'll learn on the course

GCSE Mathematics

Course programme

What you'll study

Excited to learn more? For a taster of what you can expect to study on this course, take a sneak preview of some of the modules you may have the opportunity to study below.

The information below reflects the currently intended course structure and module details. Updates may be made on an annual basis and revised details will be published through Programme Specifications ahead of each academic year. Please see Terms and Conditions of Study for more information.

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Final year

Year 1

In common with other Materials courses Materials Science and Engineering has a common first year allowing greater flexibility/mobility.

Semester 1

CAD and Engineering Drawing Core

CAD and Engineering Drawing

Introduction to Product Design Core

Introduction to Product Design

Introductory Materials Science Core

Introductory Materials Science

Mathematics for Materials 1 Core

Mathematics for Materials 1

Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria Core

Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria

Semester 2

Engineering Analysis and modelling Core

Engineering Analysis and modelling

Introduction to materials processing Core

Introduction to materials processing

Materials Applications: Imagineering the Future Core

Materials Applications: Imagineering the Future

Mathematics for Materials 2 Core

Mathematics for Materials 2

Mechanics for Materials 1 Core

Mechanics for Materials 1

Semester 1 & 2

Experimentation and Analysis Core

Experimentation and Analysis

Year 2

Semester 1

Fracture Mechanics of Materials Core

Fracture Mechanics of Materials

Group Design Project Core

Group Design Project

Materials in Service Core

Materials in Service

Materials Modelling Core

Materials Modelling

Mathematics for Materials 3 Core

Mathematics for Materials 3

Statistics Core


Vehicle Design and Development Optional

Vehicle Design and Development

Semester 2

Materials Characterisation Core

Materials Characterisation

Mechanics for Materials 2 Core

Mechanics for Materials 2

Biomaterials 1 Optional

Biomaterials 1

Phase Transformations in Materials Optional

Phase Transformations in Materials

Vehicle loading and Suspension Optional

Vehicle loading and Suspension

Semester 1 & 2

Materials Processing Core

Materials Processing

Language Optional


Year 3

Choose 30 credits of modules.

Semester 1

Advanced Principles of Materials Core

Advanced Principles of Materials

Advanced Processing Methods Core

Advanced Processing Methods

Nano Materials Core

Nano Materials

Automotive Crash Protection Optional

Automotive Crash Protection

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Optional

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The aims of this module are to present a range of issues on entrepreneurship related to the development of technical and non-technical innovation; to present a range of topics on small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), as these companies are an important channel for the diffusion of technical and non-technical innovation; and to develop relevant transferable skills.

Surface Engineering Core, Optional

Surface Engineering

The aim of the module is to give the student an appreciation of the importance of surfaces in engineering and how they may be modified by suitable coatings and treatments to produce the requisite characteristics to aid the successful operation of a given structure or component.

Semester 2

Composite Materials Core

Composite Materials

Functional Materials Core

Functional Materials

Project Management Optional

Project Management

Semester 1 & 2

Individual Project Core

Individual Project

Language Optional


Vehicle and Component Design Optional

Vehicle and Component Design

Final year

Semester 1 & 2

Group Design Project Core

Group Design Project

Semester 1

Advanced Characterisation Techniques Core

Advanced Characterisation Techniques

Advanced Materials Dissertation Optional

Advanced Materials Dissertation

Crystallographic analysis of Materials Optional

Crystallographic analysis of Materials

Enterprise Technology Optional

Enterprise Technology

Polymer Engineering Optional

Polymer Engineering

Semester 2

Energy Materials Core

Energy Materials

Materials Modelling Core

Materials Modelling

Elasticity Optional


Industrial Case Studies Optional

Industrial Case Studies

Programme specification

Module specification

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