Our consultants are trained and work according to a strict methodology and set of ethics. These are the same concepts we teach during our renowned Tigerscheme training courses.Whether your requirements are driven from best-practice, compliance or as the result of an incident, Matta have the experience you need to make the project a success. The quality of our consultants inspires confidence, and we welcome an opportunity to discuss your requirements.


Matta was founded in 2001 by Nick Baskett (Biography) and Chris Mac Nab, the author of the renown book “Network Security Assessment” 2nd Edition with the Collaboration of James Tusini, currently Technical Director at Matta Ltd. Matta has been an authority in terms of IT Security since the beginning of the decade and you can browse some samples of their work in a couple of revolutionary White Papers that you can find online.

Advantages of studying here

Matta is an independent Information Technical Risk Management company offering this training on behalf of Tigerscheme. Our training programmes deal directly with the subjects you need to know about. We don’t pad out our courses to fill up time, and we don’t follow an inflexible set of workbook notes or talk through endless Powerpoint slides. The tools and techniques you learn comprise best of breed and quick & dirty and you will walk out with a definite added knowledge ready to allow you into this exciting world of hacking counter intelligence.

Areas of specialisation

Matta can provide a range of PCI (Payment Card Industry) services. As a global PCI DSS ASV, we can provide consultancy and technical services for International businesses.Matta has worked on all sizes of PCI requirements, and can bring a solid foundation of knowledge to your projects.From a technical perspective, we can provide a 'soup to nuts' solution for your business, including the following: 1. External and Internal VA 2. Web Application Assessment 3. External and Internal Penetration Testing 4. Code Review 5. General PCI consultancyCode of ConnectionMatta can help Local Authorities meet their CoCo requirements now and in to the future. In addition, because many LA's need PCI compliance as well, projects can be combined to achieve both compliance standards with the same project.For more information on our CoCo services, including our IT Health Check (ITHC), or our ITHC training, please contact us.