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Minitab is a statistical package used for improvement in statistics-based projects. We bring to you online Minitab training that enables professionals to learn about Minitab application from the comfort of home. Minitab training online includes audio...

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Course programme

course introduction

Improve statistical project outcomes by mastering the Minitab software with this introductory course. Minitab provides powerful analysis and reporting tools that can be used to create actionable insights and provide the basis for defining business strategy.

Designed to reduce complexity and help analysts create the statistics they need more quickly, Minitab is a cost-effective tool for in-depth reporting. The Minitab course is best suited to:

  • Business analysts, data scientists and statisticians who need to master Minitab software.
  • Employees who need to learn how to use a software package that will help them collect and report on statistics.
  • Individuals interested in cross-training for a new role in statistics, business analysis and business intelligence (BI).

6 modules take students through basic familiarisation of the Minitab software interface, through to using the tool to perform advanced statistical analysis. The course is built around 7 hours worth of instructor-led e-Learning materials, backed by a series of hands-on exercises to help students improve their practical skills. Learners will also have their knowledge tested periodically to ensure they properly understand each concept covered.

Our learning platform is available, providing round-the-clock access to courseware, so students have complete control over their learning, allowing them to study whenever and wherever is most convenient. The platform also uses a built-in social network to connect learners, allowing them to trade tips and advice, or to seek assistance with completing the practical exercises in the course.

key learning points

Designed for absolute beginners, the Minitab course begins with an extensive introduction to the software user interface, helping users understand where to find key statistical and analytical functions. Among the many topics covered by the 6 modules are:

  • Understanding and managing data columns – the basis for all statistical analysis in Minitab.
  • Locating key functions and features from the Minitab menu bar.
  • Using Minitab with other common applications including Excel and PowerPoint to disseminate results.
  • Creating charts, graphs and plot charts to understand statistical variance or to visually display results.
  • Understanding the available statistical tools and performing tests using ANOVA, comparison and paired tests.
  • Designing statistical experiments and generating control charts.

Each of these topics is covered in depth, helping students learn how to use Minitab to generate valuable statistical insight that can be applied in a real world scenario.

advantages of this course

By completing this course, students will learn how to perform advanced statistical calculations using the Minitab software. The combination of instructor-led courseware and practical exercises ensure that learners have something to offer their Minitab-using employers.

By completing all six modules, students will benefit from:

  • An improved understanding of Minitab and how it is used for statistical analysis.
  • Being able to create meaningful reports that inform business decision making and strategy.
  • Units of study
Introduction to Minitab
  • Introduction to Minitab
  • Minitab Screen Layout
  • Data Column Conventions
  • Managing Data Columns
  • Other Data Window Conventions
Menu Bar
  • File Menu
  • Edit Menu
  • Data Menu
  • Calc Menu
  • Stat Menu
  • Graph Menu
  • Editor Menu
  • Tools Menu
  • Window Menu
  • Help Menu
  • Assistant Menu
Minitab Interoperability
  • Introduction
  • Starting with Excel
  • Moving to Minitab
  • Transferring the analysis to PPT
Graphic capabilities
  • Pareto Chart
  • Histogram
  • Normality Test
  • Marginal Plot
  • Box Plot
  • Scatter Plot
  • Matrix Plot
Statistical Tools Part 1 Includes
  • Business Scenarios for Statistical Tools
  • Test
  • Process Capability Analysis
  • Comparison test
  • 2sample t test
  • Paired test
  • Contingency Tables(CHI SQUARE)
  • One way ANOVA
  • Main Effect Test
  • Test for Equal Variance
Part 2 Includes
  • Design of Experiments
  • Control Charts


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